General Sejjusa ‘Hiding In London’

Ugandan general David Sejjusa better known as Tinyefuza who leaked a letter alleging an assassination plot against army officers opposed to the president’s son succeeding his father as leader has requested the protection of British police.

General David Sejusa a.k.a Tinyefuza whose Missive on fellow Generals has put him in the Eye of the Storm
General David Sejusa a.k.a Tinyefuza whose Missive on fellow Generals has put him in the Eye of the Storm

David Sejusa, a spy chief who sits on Uganda’s military high command, will not return home anytime soon, the Associated Press reported on Sunday, quoting the general’s lawyer, Joseph Luzige.

Luzige said Sejusa was hiding from Ugandan undercover agents allegedly sent to track him down in London, where he has been since a local newspaper published a story about his letter.

“Sejusa told me there is a team of people who have been sent to London to hunt him down,” the attorney said. “He said these people’s intentions are not good at all.”

Luzige said Sejusa believes his life is in danger and is now “very cautious”.

The lawyer’s claims could not be independently verified.

Judith Nabakooba, the spokeswoman for Ugandan police, said she had no comment on this matter. “I’ve not been briefed,” she said.

Sejusa, who directs Uganda’s domestic and foreign spy agencies, recently wrote a letter to the internal security service urging an investigation into reports that those opposed to the rise of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s son risk assassination.

Rapid promotion

Museveni’s son, a brigadier named Muhoozi Kainerugaba, has been rapidly promoted and received military training at prestigious academies like Sandhurst in Britain and Fort Leavenworth in the United States.

Kainerugaba also heads an elite army unit that protects the president and national assets like oil fields.

Details of Sejusa’s letter were published by Daily Monitor newspaper whose premises have since been occupied by police looking for evidence against Sejusa.

Sejusa cited himself, Uganda’s prime minister and another general who has been the head of the army but has since been moved to the interior ministry among those at risk of being assassinated for being against Kainerugaba succeeding his father as president.

The general’s concerns have stirred controversy in Uganda, where divisions among the military elite are rarely revealed in public.

Uganda’s army leadership has accused Sejusa of breaking the country’s military laws, while a government minister who speaks for Museveni said the general has “clear presidential ambitions”.

Museveni, who has held power in Uganda for nearly three decades, has never said he sees his son as his political heir. But the son has been fast-tracked and last year he was promoted to the rank of brigadier.

Sejusa, a decorated hero of the bush war that brought Museveni to power in 1986, has a history of standing up to the president.

In the 1990s he tried and failed to quit the army after accusing its leadership of incompetence in battles against the fugitive warlord Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

Source: Al jazeera

2 thoughts on “General Sejjusa ‘Hiding In London’

  1. MUSEVENI please watch-out all the GENERALS whom you started with the core bush warriors are running away from you??????? whats wrong assuredly leave the power when its steel early coz all army officer shall run away if any thing happens on sejjusa leave alone military rules .GEN;MUNTU,COL BESIGYE ,GEN SEJJUSA to mention few but many .To remind you also leave alone military tools “remember GADAFIS equipments.

  2. Mr. David Sejjusa Hiding in London was a smart decision and not
    surprising ..

    It is apparent that Mr. David Sejjusa in his official capacity did exactly what would be expected of his official duty in calling an investigation to determine the facts around the allegations. The fact that this contentious information leaked to the Press is nothing unusual. The siege on the “Press” is a direct violation of human rights, a far more serious crime than Mr. David Sejjusa’s actions. The attack on the “Free Press” is an attack on the people’s freedom of expression which the “Press” represents and has clearly demonstrated once again the creeping resemblance of the current regime in Uganda to that of the “Myanmar” regime going 20 years back. Maybe the next step will be to shut down Parliament and the free Press altogether. Mr. David Sejjusa
    has obviously fled knowing he cannot trust the military hierarchy and knows that the judiciary is not independent and all its organs including the police force are simply a rubber stamp for the powers be. Reading the article above, assuming correctly quoted, what is also clear is that the military representatives in parliament
    are attempting to drive the debates to their liking on these issues or shut them down altogether. The parliament of a free democratic state is a people’s instrument and forum and not that of the army. The army’s function and purpose is the defence of the state from foreign military invasion yet here we see the military brand addressed by their military ranks in parliament, wearing 2 hats and clearly attempting to tighten their grip on the operation and function of parliament, a sad scenario for the 21st century. What is also noteworthy is the people’s almost numb public reaction to
    what has happened in the last 9 days, a clear indication of the fear, lack of freedom and you might say; near resignation of the people at large. It is remarkable though that the regime in power has managed to buy time and manipulated the international community into turning a blind eye to all the internal abuses by providing a needed
    willing mercenary army function in maintaining some semblance of regional peace, and the containment of regional terror operatives thereby making itself almost indispensable for now, but in the process the international community seems to have forgotten the monster they are hatching in the region.

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