Govt: No Ugandans To Work For Arab Countries

Government has announced that it won’t be allowing migration of its citizens seeking employment as domestic workers in any of the Arab countries.

Milton Turyasiima, the Principal Labour Officer in charge of Research and Statistics at the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, says that the decision follows a series of complaints of abuse on such workers employed in the Arab countries. Some Ugandans especially women have been traveling to countries such as Qatar, Iraq, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia among others to work as domestic workers, security guards and casual labourers.

He however did not provide statistics but said the ministry no longer provides official recommendation to any Ugandan seeking employment as domestic workers in Arab countries.

Turyasiima however said that the ministry does recommend any citizen intending to seek employment abroad provided they satisfy the required conditions. Any citizen seeking recommendation to work abroad is required to provide a copy of valid passport, employment contract, work permit, certificate of medical fitness, copy of return air ticket, clearance from Interpol and recommendation from Local Council.

Other conditions one has to satisfy before getting official recommendation to travel for work abroad include consent from parent or spouse and an identification document.

The stance is despite repeated claims that Diaspora remittance constitutes a major foreign exchange earner for the country. It also comes at a time when many Ugandans faced with high unemployment rate are seeking employment opportunities abroad.

Job Elogu, the head of Diaspora Unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, says that there are about 1.5 million Ugandans working abroad. However, others are believed to have travelled illegally and therefore not noticed by government.

He said there have been instances when Ugandans facing difficulties in the Diaspora have been assisted to return home. He said Uganda has consular services abroad but added that such help could only apply to those who travel and live abroad legally.

Last week, the International Organisation for Immigration (IOM) launched a campaign called Surprising Europe, which seeks to discourage illegal emigration. Gerard Waite, the IOM Chief of Mission in Uganda, said that many times the organization was called to help support the return of Ugandans who become destitute in the Diaspora.

10 thoughts on “Govt: No Ugandans To Work For Arab Countries

  1. Security guards working in iraq are not treated badly but gov’t benefits alot rather than the guard. Besides ugandan gov’t should remove middle man i.e ugandan companies. We request Turyasiima to allow US companies work direct with the ministry and gov’t. Guards are not benefiting, they are just working for companies and gov’t. Please help our young men and women.

  2. Arabs regard black people as ‘masikini’ and it’s about time we took a stand!

  3. Arabs have been well known in olden ages to be trading Africans as slaves. This thinking is still in their blood BUT still they come to work in Uganda The Land of Freedom. Everybody around the world enjoys the freedom in Uganda. Let’s don’t keep an eye for an eye.
    We are about to reach there in the world of developed countries come our oil, then we shall not be suffering for going abroad for petty jobs while we have vast opportunities in our own mother Land.

    1. Ha ha ha, Citizen, we are about to reach there in the land of developed countries, u must be kidding me.

  4. We can’t stop being stupid in Uganda, can we? Hey u guys know how many Ugandans have been killed in South Sudan, trested like Slaves and our sister forcfully married to the Dinkas? Well why not talk about it, because they are blacks like us?

    I u do the statistics well u will realise there is more risk in South Sudan than Arab world. So gov’t don’t look at one side of the coin talk to ur Dinka brothers as well else we stop issuing visors to South Sudan

  5. Those are problems when u are poor, no one will listen to you Pam my sisters.
    Lets jas come do farming and get our little money than risk our lives and dignity out there

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