700 Million UGX Needed to Maintain Computerized Registry – Migereko

Officials from the lands ministry have today told the budget committee that they are at risk of closure if they do not get 713 million shillings.

Led by Daudi Migereko, the Minister for Land Housing and Urban Development, they say the money is needed to run six zonal offices that are operating the lands information system.

With a total budget of 1.5 billion shillings for the next financial year, Migereko told the budget committee led by Tim Lwanga that they need the money passed under a supplementary to permit them work under the arrangement for computersiation of the lands registry.

Migereko’s team had earlier this week appeared before the committee of infrastructure where they failed to convince them to allow the said money.

Migereko says if they do not receive the money the computerization system they will not be able to sustain the system.

The Land Information system run from February 2010 and expired on February 2013. It was the understanding of the World Bank and government that government would find money to run the system from February till the end of this financial year and onward.

The 713 million shs is expected to cover printing and stationery 375 million, welfare and entertainment 20 million, short term consultancy 180 million, tele communications 42 million shs and property expenses worth 98 million.

However, MPs on the infrastructure committee had queried the money for printing and stationery wondering why they needed it when they are now going digital.

Turyomugendo William, Commissioner for Planning, told the budget committee chaired by Tim Lwanga that computerization goes hand in hand with increased expenses in terms of maintaining hardware.

He added that they have six zonal offices, the lands information centre opposite the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence and the Entebbe offices and the head office land registry.

Since December 2012 the lands offices have been closed to complete the process of computerization which created backlogs.
Turyomugendo expressed worry that if they do not get the money they ran the risk of not operating these offices.

MP Amos Lugolobi, Ntenjeru North MP, lamented about the disappearance of white pages despite having copies of his original land titles and the rampant bribery demands in the lands registry.

Migereko explained that this problem will be eliminated through the computerization system because many of their staff was taking advantage of the filing system by giving a client an excuse of the numerous paper files.

Land in Uganda is being held under four tenures including lease, freehold, mailo and customary land arrangements.

He also revealed that ever since they started using the computerization system, they have dealt with over 500,000 genuine land titles making up 18 percent of the land in the country.

Majority of these titles are found in Buganda, Busoga, Ankole and Tooro.

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