Lango Prime Minister Resigns Over Constitution

Rtd Col. Tony Otoa outgoing Premier of Lango Cultural Institution
Rtd Col. Tony Otoa outgoing Premier of Lango Cultural Institution

Two senior officials of Tekwaro, the Lango Cultural foundation have resigned. They are Tony Otoa, the prime minister of Lango cultural foundation and Joel Odongo Amen, the Principal Private Secretary to the paramount chief. Otoa, who was appointed in 2009, tendered in his resignation to Yosam Odur, the Lango Paramount Chief on April 27th 2013.

His resignation comes at a time when Lango Cultural foundation is embroiled in a dispute stemming from the unveiling of a new draft constitution. Otoa says that he couldn’t continue serving as the prime minister because the people opposed to the current leadership of the cultural institution see him as a stumbling block.

The group led by Wakili Okello, the speaker of the clan leaders’ council has been accusing Otoa of ill advising the paramount chief, a claim he denies. Otoa, who is also the head of Abwor clan, says it would be unfair for him to continue serving when some people consider him a saboteur. He cautions those who want to take over the leadership of Lango cultural institution not to think they will survive on intrigue.

Yosam Odur, the embattled Lango Paramount chief regrets the resignation of Otoa saying that he has been the brain behind all successful projects and major link between the institution and central government. Odur says that he is also considering retiring from the leadership of the cultural institution, adding that those yearning to take over should prepare to face difficulties.

Rashid Opio, the head of Malakwanga clan who is allied to Okello Wakili has described the resignation of both officials as timely and noble action for their own safety.

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  1. why are we the langis not stable? why can’t we let a given regime do all the best they can offer us. i’m very disappointed at some politicians in Lango.
    please en please lets accept that it is not yet our time and we give time other than frastrating the current regime.

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