MPs Urge Saleh Kamba To Drop Case Against NRM ‘Rebels’

Members of Parliament are calling on Kibuku county MP Saleh Kamba to drop the constitutional court case he filed against the former NRM “rebel” MPs.

Hon. Sekikubo MP Lwemiyaga and Hon Nuwagaba MP Ndorwa West. The two were expelled from the ruling party, NRM
Hon. Sekikubo MP Lwemiyaga and Hon Nuwagaba MP Ndorwa West. The two were expelled from the ruling party, NRM

The Kibuku county MP together with an NRM supporter Maryam Agasha filed a constitutional petition at the Court of Appeal early this week stating that Speaker Rebecca Kadaga’s ruling over the expelled MPs stay in Parliament, contravenes the Constitution.

The petitioners want Kadaga’s ruling quashed, arguing that the MP’s Bernabas Tinkasimire, Theodore Ssekikubo, Wilfred Niwagaba and Nsereko Muhammad are strangers in Parliament and not provided for in the Constitution.

Kamba is also seeking for an order requiring Parliament to shut the four MPs from its proceedings until their petition has been heard and disposed of.

In her ruling, the speaker said there was no basis in law order the Clerk of Parliament to pronounce their seats vacant as demanded by the NRM central executive committee that had withdrawn its support for the MPs.

Gerald Karuhanga, the Western Youth MP, says it’s unfortunate that Kamba has chosen to go to court despite the Parliament ruling over the matter. He adds that as an MP, Kamba should not have allowed to be used and persuaded to go to court and get his fellow members of parliament out of the house.

Gilbert Oulanyah, MP Kilak County, expressed disappointment saying Kamba is being used to undermine the power of the speaker and the institution of Parliament. They reminded Kamba about the pending questions of his legitimacy as an MP asking him not to disorganize Parliament.

Mariam Nalubega describes the case as very regrettable saying it is a clear picture that Kamba has not been following procedures in the house that is why he has accepted to be used.

Lulume Bayiga, MP Buikwe South, adds that Kamba has not been in Parliament for more than 15 sittings and has consistently been an absentee MP. He warned Kamba not to be caught up by Article 88 (d) of the constitution which states that if any MP is absent from Parliament without permission in writing to the speaker during any period when Parliament is continuously meeting and is unable to offer satisfactory explanation to the relevant Parliamentary committee for his or her absence.

Speaking to the media, Kamba clarified that he has no case at all against the four MP’s because the case was filed against the Attorney general seeking an interpretation of the Speakers ruling. He describes the MP’s media address and attack on him as misguided urging them to liase with their legal representatives if they have a case against him.

He also adds that it is his role as a Ugandan with constitutional rights to move and sue if he felt there is a problem and the MP’s should not divert Ugandans from the issue.

Regarding his failure to attend Parliament sittings, Kamba dared the MP’s to go to court if they want saying they do not know the Kamba they are talking about. He defended himself saying he attends the sittings and questioned if it is an offence that he does not contribute.

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