Musician Tonix Warned Off Lilian

Local musician Allan Tumusiime better known as Tonix has been told to stay away from Lilian, the gal who featured in his first song Beera nange by her family.


According to sources, Lilian’s mother despises musicians and does not want her daughter getting close to Tonix. In fact, Lilian’s mother is against her taking on singing as a career and it was the reason she sent her abroad for studies.

Snoops have however established that Lilian recently returned and intends to go against her mother’s wishes and become a professional singer. When contacted about it, Tonix revealed to snoops that Lilian is just a friend.

“She can do whatever she wants because she is an adult – besides we are just friends” says Tonix.

The source further reveals that Lilian is so determined to become a singer and was already recording another song with Tonix.

The Tukyekole singer and Lilian were spotted together last Saturday during the Buzz Teeniez awards at Kati Kati grounds.

6 thoughts on “Musician Tonix Warned Off Lilian

  1. Lillian is old enough to decide what to do singing with Tonix does not mean anything you people.

  2. Even in the bible,it says respect your parents ,then if she was advised to abandon that career why to insist for it.
    Parents act like prophets for their children.
    So pliz Lillian don’t be emotionally be driven by a mere Tonix or if you serious stand alone to determine whether you a talented in
    that area.

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