Police to Spend UGX 8.6b on Spying

Police with suspects
Police with suspects

Police has today asked Parliament to approve 8.6 billion shillings for its information fund.
Appearing before the defence committee led by State Minister for Internal Affairs James Baba, the police notes that terrorism and transnational organized crime continue to pose a big challenge.

The Police say it has to invest heavily in classified intelligence information both within and without if it is to be above the situation. They lament that the current amount of 3.4 billion shillings is inadequate thus the need to increase it to 8.6 billion shillings.

Rogers Muhirwa, the Police undersecretary, in their budget estimate also wants 45.09 billion shillings to recruit and train 5,500 personnel over the medium term.

Cabinet approved the recruitment of 2500 personnel every year for the next five years to enable police to reduce incidents of crime and improve police to the population ratio in accordance with the International standards of 1:500.

However, police did not recruit this financial year following a policy ban imposed by the Ministry of Finance. Muhirwa also adds that they need to fill gaps at 1000 personnel per year as a result of death, dismissals, retirement and desertion of personnel.

The same money is also supposed to cater for an additional 20,000 well trained officers. The police undersecretary is also calling the ministry of public service to lift the ban in the next financial year and provide the money for recruitment and training.
However, Kaps Hassan Fungaroo MP Obongi County demanded for a list of officers who have missed their payment and causes for desertion from the force.

The required recurrent budget for wages for the police in the financial year 2013/2014 is 166.7 billion shillings but they have been allocated 154.6 billion shillings leaving a shortfall of 12.140 billion shillings.

The realistic budget requirement for Uganda Police Force is 596.890 billion shillings. However in the next financial year 2013/2014 police has been allocated 280.209 billion with a reduction of 2.329 billion compared with the current financial year 2012/2013 leaving a shortfall of 318.183 billion shillings.

The police is targeting cost saving and improvement of Police welfare geared towards the national goal of transformation of society from a peasant to modern society.

Medard Ssegona, MP Busiro East, also questioned why police’s budget estimate is seeking for 40 billion shillings to pay for its classified stores. The money is to purchase items such as ammunitions, anti-riot consumables, forensics, fire, emergency response and rescue items.
The police argue that the money is needed to strengthen their capacity to police the next general elections.

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