Qute Kaye in Critical Condition at Mulago

It seems the gods are angry with Uganda’s Music Industry ,as you read this,’Ginkese’ singer Qute Kaye is at Mulago Referral Hospital in critical condition. The singer was rushed to the hospital Wednesday night on Oxygen following the heart failure according to sources.

Qute who was pronounced dead a few months back but it later turned out to be a rumour has been ill at his home in Mukono.Kaye who was attacked by a strange illness for good years, had to be referred to Mulago for further treatment because the situation was worsening.

Qute Kaye started music as a church singer but gained fame with his ‘Ginkese’ in 2006 afer shining during the Coca Cola pop stars in 2003

Recently, the Ugandan entertainment industry lost Singer Martin Angume who succumbed to a strange disease and Dj Momo.We pray for Qute Kaye to recover soon.


9 thoughts on “Qute Kaye in Critical Condition at Mulago

  1. let us be open,these singers are sleeping around a lot, please can any one tell them to stop sleeping around,there is no strange illness other than AIDs and HIV, or if they are sleeping around,let them use Protection, or Cds,

    1. Yo rite, these singers most of them dont know what a celebrity is!….they think that beening a ceb is to sleep with all gals or women around you. honestly it’s AIDs that is killing them. LET them refer to big names world wide now like justine beiber and others how they do things. It’s not that am speeking badly but if you tra look at musicians to day in uganda many of them are with this virus, well there a many Aids songs done by them in groups like ” The all stars ” but dont practice wat they say…..stupiedness.

  2. Strange illness??? I know these diseases have names e.g maleria, cough, T.B, Leprosy, diarrhea, tumors, kidney diseases, hypertension etc ete………. So, what is this strange and long illnesses that the media can not name that our musicians and top politicians are dying of…???

  3. whats dat strange illness taking the Uganda singers? do u want to mean witchcraft? uhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay

  4. I love the comments here, You make us proud Ugandans.
    For you so called singers or celebs, Music is a career, just like a footballer, doctor etc.
    U gat to plan what you need to achieve before you loose your voice to old age. How you will continue after u loose the No. 1 Spot etc.

    A fade up of seeing lousy singer around me. Mature and try learn from the successful singers like R. Kelly, Shaggy, Beanie Man, Maria Carey, Snoop Dog, Sean Paul. These fox started singing as early as 1990’s and guess what its almost 25 years of music and they are still focused.

  5. What strange illness are you talking about. Musicians who live irresponsible life styles!

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