Rwampara Voters Divided Over MP Kyamadidi Recall

Voters in Rwampara County are divided over the ongoing collection of signatures to recall their Member of Parliament Vincent Mujuni Kyamadidi.

It came after Kyamadidi was suspended for three months by the central Executive Committee of the ruling National Resistance Movement for alleged breach of the party code of conduct. As a result, a group of youth led by Ashiraf Rweyeshera embarked on signatures to have the MP recalled from parliament.

The group has been traversing various areas in Rwampara constituency asking electorates to append their signatures to recall the MP. Rweyeshera and his group accuse Kyamadidi of disrespecting the party constitution and de-campaigning Government programs meant to benefit the people he represent.

Rweyeshera claims that they have collected 10.000 signatures that they intend to present to the NRM Central Executive Committee to have Kyamadidi expelled from the party as plans continue to have him recalled from parliament. The constitution requires at least three thirds of the electorate in the constituency to sign the recall petition. URN couldn’t establish how many voters are in Rwampara County.

However, a section of the voters have distanced themselves from the recall petition against their MP.Led by Anna Kansiime, the Mbarara national female youth representative, the group describes those behind the recall petitions as idle and self seekers. Kansiime says they have embarked on the campaign to restore hope amongst the electorate following the suspension of their MP.

Yasin Lubega, the Nyakayojo sub county youth chairperson says he cannot append his signature to recall Kyamadidi because there is no justification for him to get involved. Lubega says that initially he thought Kyamadidi was wrong to attack the party leadership but realized that he was on the right track. He says that as one of the people who were at the forefront of soliciting for votes for Kyamadidi in 2011 they are ready to protect him from being pulled out of parliament by disgruntled electorates before his term ends.

Amon Kamusiima, the Rugando youth sub county chairperson, Dennis Tugume, chairperson Ndaija Sub County and Philemon Turyaruga, the in charge of sports Rugando Sub County have been part of the group that has been soliciting signatures to recall Kyamadidi. The trio has made a “U” turn. Kamusiima says that they were misled to join the Anti Kyamadidi group, without knowing that there were selfish individuals pushing for his ejection from parliament.

Kamusiima, who didn’t give any names claims there are some forces fueling the confusion in Rwampara County. The Mbarara NRM leadership has remained silent over the matter. Previously, John Mugabe, the Mbarara NRM chairperson openly criticized the MP for disrespecting the party leadership and threatened to with his support for the legislator if he does not change his character.

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