Security Blocks Supreme Mufti’s Hoima Visit

Supreme Mufti Sheikh Zubairi Kayongo
Supreme Mufti Sheikh Zubairi Kayongo

Security officials in Hoima in Hoima have blocked a scheduled visit by the leader of the Kibuli-based Muslim faction, Sheik Zubair Kayongo.

Kayongo, the self-styled Supreme Mufti, was slated to visit Bwikya Mosque in Hoima Municipality on Friday.  He arrived in Hoima town at around 1:15PM on Friday in a convoy of five vehicles and drove direct to the office of the Resident District Commissioner (RDC).

He was scheduled to attend Juma prayers at Bwikya mosque at special invitation by the mosque executive. Iddi Magezi, the Mosque chairman said they had invited the Sheikh Kayongo to show their dissatisfaction with Sheikh Shaban Mubajje of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

The Bwikya group accuses Mubajje of siding with the Hoima town Mosque group to grab their land after they registered it in the names of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council. Bwikya wants the title name changed to Bwikya Muslim Community.

Kayongo’s visit was unsuccessful as Hoima RDC Jean Kaliba advised that it was unsafe for him to visit the mosque. Addressing Kayongo’s entourage in her office Kaliba said the security situation was unsafe for his visit.

She advised him to secure another place for prayer but not the mosque saying the district Muslim leadership was against the visit.

There were protests by the Hoima Mosque faction who said that they would rather die than allowing Kayongo to enter Bwikya mosque. They camped at the mosque prompting heavy police deployment around the area.

However, Kaliba’s advice seemed not to appease Kayongo and his group, as they resolved to go back to Kampala, instead of praying at another venue.

Ali Hajj Mohammed Kisambira, the secretary general of the Kibuli faction said this was abuse of their right to freedom of worship.

Iddi Magezi, the chairman Bwikya Mosque also expressed bitterness saying the RDC should have provided security instead of blocking Sheikh Kayongo.
Sheikh Kayongo said blocking him was a sign of fear for those illegally selling Muslim property and other evil doings, since he would expose them.

The Kibuli faction elected Kayongo as their Mufti in 2009 after trying unsuccessfully to remove Mubajje for allegedly selling Muslim property.

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