Singer Namubiru Faces Death Sentence

Iryn Namubiru who is in a Japanese cell in Tokyo could face life imprisonment or the death sentence if obtained information is something to go by. Snoops can reveal that according to Japanese laws, drug trafficking is a capital offence punishable by the death sentence.

Iryn Namubiru
Iryn Namubiru

The ‘Nkuweki’ star was arrested two days ago and is still detained after she was allegedly found in possession of pellets stashed inside matooke.

“Investigations are going on to establish the truth. But her situation does not look pretty at the moment.” A source said. Namubiru has however maintained her innocence and has since claimed that the matooke she was arrested with had been given to her by a person in Uganda to deliver it to their relatives in Japan.

The source further added; “Iryn says she had had no knowledge of what she was carrying”. However our correspondents in Japan claim police are following up on leads that Iryn has previously travelled with the same suspicious peeled matooke. This has happened for three times though she always got away with it until her luck run out last week.

It should be noted that on May 14th 2011, High Court in Japan handed a death sentence to a Ugandan identified as Emmanuel whom they found guilty of drug trafficking. He was found with 427.9gm of Metamphetamine and 14,256.8gm of cannabis.

In the same year 25th October, the High court also convicted Takeuchi, 39, a Japanese woman of the same crime of drug trafficking.

As you read this, Iryn’s Manager Thaddeus Mubiru who has still refused to talk to the press has been seen frequently seeking help from the government officials.

25 thoughts on “Singer Namubiru Faces Death Sentence

  1. oh no!!! please please no death sentence to our beloved song bird. wish all this can be resolved asap

    1. bambi iryn kale we been admiring her kumbe she is doing bad things
      behind lets pray for not to be guilty kale her kids bambi and her zungu
      guy, oba wat is he on? poor gal sorry

  2. And if i may ask why did Iryn carry matooke to Japan on a plane, does it mean tht Japanese dont hav banana plantations…hmmmmm… byonna bikyaali bizibu, only prayers will work!!!!!!!!!!

    1. oh no,if she is really innocent she should pray harder other`wis`e` d`she` wont like the end results,too bad

  3. Money works but unfortunately not in Japan.
    But still a solution can be found. Check the CRIME THAT NEVER WAS.

  4. this is not good for ma love Irene Let the court judge genuinely, at least she can be arrested here in Uganda but not death sentence in japan

  5. ohhhhhhh dats 2 bad,Pliz our government try to intervene to plead with government of Japan 4 our beloved gel 2 reduce the sentence.

  6. ohhhhhh nooooo pliz our Government intervene 4 da first time with government of Japan 4 our beloved gel nt to be given dat sentence.

  7. Muzukulu wa’Ndugwa, not every country has the right climate to grow Matooke or banana plantation as you noted it, Japan being one of those countries that are not blessed with such climate. So note it and do a good research about facts next time it called Geographic facts. thanks

    1. Kagaga Kato bambi the way u r exposing ur ignorance is heart felt! Who told you that in this dot com era we still depend on climate to grow what we want? That’s Ugandan 1900 way of doing things, those countries with harsh climates actually have better fruits nd green grass than Uganda, there’s more ways scientifically to do so, I hope u ve been to Dubai , have u? The country is all desert but the flowers and green grass can’t compete with Uganda, now when u go to buy groceries U find all the fruits of this world there, just an example, kale Jawo amalo, Matoke in America r better than that of Ug, but US does not have a tropical climate.

      1. Emmy Kassuja its you who has Malo.. I guess the farthest you have been to is Dubai. Why w’d Japan or any country invest in modern technology just to grow matooke? For who? Matooke is a Ugandan delicacy it isnt an international staple like rice which you can find anywhere.. That is why Ugandans living allover the diaspora will ask a friend coming from ‘home’ to bring along Matooke with them if they have missed it a lot. I used to carry matooke for myself on flights. Shame on you, take your lies to a kibanda or boda boda stage.

  8. Anyone involved in drugs deserves no mercy and she will be lucky if she gets life, the Japanese way of justice is steeped into their culture-death means death.

  9. I don’t belive Namubiru can do such knowing very well that things are so tight in those countries.

  10. we should demonstrate peacefully at the Japaneese embassy i support of our Song Bird!! This should be solved diplomatically!

  11. she got away three times with it,but drug money is so sweet n tempting only death will stop them trafikers.

    To all you sympathisers,have you ever lost anyone close to you due to drugs?

    Have you seen families destroyed due to drugs?

    if not here is an example of a drug dealer:

    One who deals in drugs is like one who intentionally infects people with the HIV virus that causes AIDS.

    What would you say about such a person?

    What would you say if such aperson was caught but let go coz their country intervened.

    We are bound to be merciful not only to one person but to all people,thats why there are laws to protect all not a few.

    Let the law take its course,the guilty should be punished in order to protect the good of mankind.

  12. Before you stand to challenge the gods of another, you should have planted your feet firmly on the ground She decided to be smart but, the Japanese are smarter. let the law take its course. We can’t spare one person at the expense of many. This will serve as a lesson to others who are drugs dealers. Advise; There are many ways one can succeed in life a part from committing a crime.Justice should be for all but not for some few.

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