When the Police raided our offices on Monday May 20th, they had a search warrant demanding that we hand over a press release from General Sejusa’s lawyers which we had published the previous week.

More Police officers deployed at Red Pepper to continue with the search
More Police officers deployed at Red Pepper to continue with the search

We gave them the press release they had asked for but despite that they have continued to search our offices for the same press release for the last four days.

Unable to use our facilities we went to the ‘bush’ and on Wednesday Red Pepper published an edition and outted it on the market.
To our shock, the police pounced on innocent agents and vendors, put them in police detention after destroying copies of Red Pepper’s ‘freedom issue’.

The Uganda police has not only closed off our headquarters but they have gone ahead to deny us our right to publish and trade even after the internal affairs Minister’s statement to parliament that Government has not stopped the besieged newspapers from trading.

We are now forced to believe that the police are intent not on investigating Gen Sejusa’s infamous letter but are focused on financially crippling our company and the hundreds of Ugandans who work here.

This therefore is not a criminal investigation but economic sabotage.

We would like to inform our esteemed readers, advertisers and friends that we are doing everything humanly possible to comply with lawful court orders and request that you remain calm as we invoke the law to force the Uganda Police to allow us our right to trade.

Today, the Police seized more computers from our offices in their unending search.

We demand that the police stop vandalizing our property and immediately vacate our premises.
They have no right to continue denying us our right to do business in Uganda.

Pepper Publications Ltd



  1. this world is funny,at times i wonder why the red pepper is being denied its rights by the goverment of uganda.why cant the government issue out a press conference about this.time will tell.

  2. The most recent promotion of the head of the purported police force to the rank of “four-star General” does not only endorse the work of the “people suppression machine” as I prefer to call it but re-affirms that Uganda’s police force is actually an Army division
    disguised as a police force. Why would a police force be managed by a man who still wears a military rank and tittle in his function as police chief unless he were still commanding an army division?
    Food for thought.

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