Another Music Flop follows Toolman into Exile

Info reaching this desk is that Singer General Megga Dee has sold her household property and went a head to confine with his close pals how he was laving the country for the states for kyeyo.

Mega Dee assured them of how he did not intend to return soon. This comes about three years after his music succumbed to a natural death as his songs have been nowhere on the waves for past three years.

With the help of  his elder brother, who lives in the US, Megga dee flew out of the country last month. The brother has been in town since April and word has it that he was among the team that brought in Inner Circle that was in the country last month for Jinja Tourism Expo.

An insider who bought Megga Dee‘s television set and a DVD player tells us that the singer was selling off his belongings to raise money for an air ticket.


7 thoughts on “Another Music Flop follows Toolman into Exile

  1. I hope he has a better strategy. Otherwise he will just go and ‘enjoy’ the outside world without anything to write back home.

  2. but Toolman is here not in exile and he perfomed last wednesday @the WBS car park.

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