Bobi Wine Tear-Gased in Turkey

Ghetto Head boy Bobi Wine who is in Instanbul, Turkey on a musical tour swallowed good amounts 0f tear gas after being caught up in demonstrations with activists around Taksim Square and Gezi Park.

As the Anti Riot police fired water cannons and teargas to deal with demonstrators yesterday, Bobi and his wife Barbie could not miss it since they were in the hotel near the crime scene.

“If am to compare this to Kaihuraz tear gas, u would agree with me that this Turkish tear gas is just smelling like chocolate “

The couple decided to hit the streets as part of their Istanbul tour where they met some of the protesters who were fleeing from tear gas, but according to him, the smell of the tear gas was reminding him of the chocolate they had just enjoyed a few minutes back.


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