Bullet Scare as M7 Leaves Parliament

Bullet Sounds were heard in the Grounds of Parliament today evening as President Yoweri Museveni was leaving Parliament, the President had just finished Addressing the East Africa Legislative Assembly and was preparing to Enter his car when a sound that was thought to be an AK47 Bullet Was heard not far from where the president was.

the President was immediately whisked away by special Forces while  However contrasting views are coming in with Security  at Parliament claiming it was not a Bullet but a Car Tyre that Bust.,so we shall keep you posted as the story develops.The incident left law makers who were at Parliament scampering for space but after normalcy came to play, they reclaimed their space.

6 thoughts on “Bullet Scare as M7 Leaves Parliament

    1. And why are you quick to confirm it???? Those are technical pple at their trade please.

  1. No weapons formed against him shall prosper coz i believe he is covered by the blood of Jesus ,,,,, and i do believe he is our Moses who was sent to lead us to the promised land ,and those after him shall perish in the Red sea.

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