City Model Tricia Feuds Kabareebe

Red Pepper’s Online desk has received news of how long time freelance city model Doreen Kabareebe has been attacked by a new kid on the block in the modeling industry Tamia Tricia.

Doreen Kabareebe
Doreen Kabareebe

Tricia, a member of Flash models Agency owned by Flavia Nakafeero was overheard by snoops stabbing Kabareebe in the back last Thursday at Club Silk during the fashion Reunion.

“I’m still perturbed by what this old guard (Doreen) is still doing on stage, I shouldn’t be sharing the same stage with her,” she was quoted whispering to her pals. We understand Tricia believes Kabareebe has out grown the fashion industry and has to venture in something else.

Although, there is a rumour that the freelance city model and video vixen was contemplating quitting the stage to join politics at local council level, we really don’t think this will go down well with her.

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