Judith Heard ’s relationship Goes sour

City socialite Judith and Dr Heard Alex are on verge of separation following the rumour that Judith is romping with former Ganja man Gospel singer Exodus.

Vibe reaching this desk is that when Dr Heard suspected her wife to be in love affair with Exodus, He bought enough booze to Judith that made her drunk and reaching home,the Doctor then searched Judith’s phone inbox.


Sources also say that after reading the messages, he discovered that the two have been enjoying each other as if the world was ending this year in Dr Heard’s absence. When the hubby got pissed, Judith had nothing to explain since all the messages had been read. This forced the Dr Heard to call Exodus asking him to leave Judith as soon as possible.

As a result Judith was told to leave the land for US and she is to step here again when it’s clearly confirmed that she has no more dealings with Exodus. A few days a go, Dr heard also got a babe at club Venom to console himself.



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