Faith Ariho, Gabriel Fired From NTV

Top NTV news anchor Faith Ariho has been fired from NTV over under performance. Close sources say that Faith has always been lacking when it comes to news anchoring.

The new station manager one Agnes Konde could not bare this nonsense any longer so she had to get rid of her to maintain the quality of the station.

“She always appeared unprepared every time she was in front of the camera…There were hitches; there were lots of complaints about her”. The insider told us.

As you read this, Ariho nowadays keeps indoors making calls to her well known pals in the media, lobbying for a job at any other media house as she has already dropped her CV at WBS TV.

Meanwhile her counter part Epenu has been suspended for a month over the same issue of under performance. This desk understands ever since Iryn Namubiru’s Japan saga kicked off, Epenu,who is rumored to be her boy friend has been unsettled at work. As a result, he has been told to step aside for a month.

3 thoughts on “Faith Ariho, Gabriel Fired From NTV

  1. Oohhhhhhhhhhh, why not Josphine Karungi Musiisi? She’s the wost!!!! I’ll luv tht day!!

  2. In Uganda all we need is pre-TV news training to prepare our youthful news anchors we all start from zero even the station manager started as a sales manager before her position now…. !!!!

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