FDC ELECTION REPORT: Muntu Presidency at stake

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has been advised to take a political decision and rebuild the party structure from bottom to top.

This includes the Presidency which should be done at the earliest according to a report by the commission of inquiry set up to investigate electoral irregularities during the 2012 November presidential elections.

According to the 23 page report, the decision must be taken by the top party organ the National Executive Council.

Alice Alaso, the secretary general of the party, says they expect the National Council to sit soon and formalize the work plan. However, it should be taken into consideration that they cannot hold more than three delegate conference meetings including one to receive the commission’s report, another to authorize the building of structures and election of party flag bearers.

The report also explores whether the Party President General Mugisha Muntu will serve the remaining period that former President Dr Kiiza Besigye left or he will be subjected to a new election with the rest of the party members whose tenure expires this year.

The committee states that the terms of the Party President should be synchronized with those of other party positions to avoid holding a General Election without electing a party president, arguing that such scenario defeats the general purpose.

Alaso confidently states that Gen.Muntu is unequivocally the President of FDC and shall remain for the next three years so people should not worry that his tenure is going to end tomorrow.

Dr Besigye stepped down in 2011 before the expiry of his term in 2015. He argued that it would give his successor time to re-organise the party ahead of the 2016 national general elections.

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