Female Mps’ Welcome Male Nurses

MPs Mary Nyakikongolo and Judith Akello argue that pregnant women do not mind male nurses
MPs Mary Nyakikongolo and Judith Akello argue that pregnant women do not mind male nurses

MPs have disagreed with President Museveni’s proposal made in his State of the Nation Address that health institutions should discourage male nurses since most pregnant women prefer being attended to by women midwives to male ones.

The president attributed this fear in women to the cause of the increased cases of pregnant women not attending antenatal hence causing the increased number of maternal deaths.

MP Rose Mary Nyakikongolo, the Vice Chairperson of Uganda women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA), said that whether a midwife is male or female they can all attend to pregnant women. She cited that even most gynaecologists are male doctors and they do attend to pregnant women. To discourage males attending midwifery courses in the country would only increase on the unemployment problem.

She said that government should instead try to find out issues that keep pregnant women from attending antenatal classes giving examples like lack of morale among midwives, language used by midwives to the pregnant women and others.

Woman Mp Jova Kamateka for Mitoma said traditionally nursing is regarded as a female occupation but encouraged many men as possible to enroll as nurses.

She added that even if it was established that most pregnant women are not comfortable with being delivered by male midwives, it cannot stop male from practicing as nurses in the country.
MP Akello Judith Franker for Agago said that she personally would love to be attended to by a male midwife because they are all trained workers.

She said that as gender activist she does not to create a gap and a gender bias in the country saying that male should not enroll in midwifery created gender disparity that some jobs are for a particular sex.

3 thoughts on “Female Mps’ Welcome Male Nurses

  1. Its on record that male nurses attend to pregnant women well than the female ones who abuse and even slap them. This is psychologically know to every one, for me i prefer a female nurse to attend to me when i go in the hospital because, ladies nurse always attends male clients nicely, even though male nurses still are good to fellow men, to women its opposite,

  2. Mzee U’r very wrong here coz U’r touching a professional matter not a political one

  3. I believe male nurse would attend to the ladies better. Imagine a female nurse yelling at you “don’t shout for us – did I send you there?”

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