Frank Gashumba Blasts Tycoon Kirumira

Frank Gashumba,the chairman Mali Group of companies has blasted Kampala City tycoon Godfrey Kirumira over the comments that he(Kirumira)made yesterday when Gashumba was on a Barometer show on NBS.

Gashumba was invited by the show host Meddie Nsereko to give his opinion on the on going Traders’ Strike (KACITA) in Kampala yesterday .While stressing his point, tycoon Godfery Kirumira called in and attacked calling him a dealer. however Gashumba who remained clam during the show, has come out and rubbished Kirumira’s comments calling them cheap and also bragging about his penchant for charity, that many have dismissed as a publicity stunt.

He posted on This on his facebook wall.

“I will not waste much of my time talking about Kirumira whose image is very much injured by several fraud cases against him to a level of steal a mere Ush 190 million which he cant deny because he refunded. Why would I waste my time on such a clown who has exhibited himself as a chairperson of opulent weddings where he probably makes a monetary difference because his economic conduct is very well known.

Gashumba Frank is the chairman Mali Group of Companies which mainly exports Timber and imports general merchandise goods of interest. Moreover this belittling language of legitimizing the old dancers who have tarnished our otherwise good image of Ugandans as a nation. yes you can be rich, very rich but with dirty money so where is credence?

I Frank Gashumba in my smallness have a humanity cause to my name, much as in my faith its wrong to make a favor and say it but i picked Aisha Nabukera from the veranda of death and as i speak now she’s a woman of substance like any other child looking to equal opportunity. last year we launched National Action for Awaking Uganda, a civil society organization which demands accountability and service delivery from our leaders. my brother Godfery Kirumira in your ‘greatness’ what have you done to humanity as you apart from partying like an animal and appearing only in society pages of national gazettes like a beauty pageant? of what importance as a tycoon are you to our society?”

“i beg all Ugandans with positive minds to raise up against exploitation, and stand for the correct. don’t be derailed by cheap talk hidden behind ill moneybags.”

Kampala traders under the umbrella (KACITA) are on strike opposing the taxes imposed on them. They closed their shops and are still threatening to extend the strike up to Monday.

4 thoughts on “Frank Gashumba Blasts Tycoon Kirumira

  1. Ignorance is a form of environmental pollution, Now Kirumira is involved in importing fake products and he”s feeling the pain of a serious LOSS to light a candle

  2. As always, it boils down to individuals again. Nothing about the KACITA thing.
    Gash, “Picked Aisha frm the veranda of death” does not ring right either, and if you and I are of the same faith, you already have your reward.
    Remember “when your right hand helps, yo left shd not know, then yo Father in heaven……..”
    Braggarts and villager bloodmoneybags. Same basket.

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