Gashumba Attacks Media over Radio & Weasel

After attacking the City Tycoon Godfrey Kirumira, Frank Gashumba has turned his guns on the media for not giving the Goodlyfe Boys enough publicity.

GoodLyfe singers Weasel and Moze Radio
GoodLyfe singers Weasel and Moze Radio

According to him (Gashumba), the Goodlyfe Boys who are currently in the US for BET Awards are supposed to get a front page instead of writing about Zari and Ivan all the time.

“Honestly, i have many friends in the media houses and i have alot of respect for them but sincerely when will you ever bring out a positive story. Radio and Weasel were nominated for the BET AWARDS and am reliably informed that they are already in the USA for the big event due this weekend but all the newspapers, Monitor, New Vision, Redpepper etc None of them has given it a front page coverage. Can you imagine Tomorrow’s Saturday Newvision front Page has ” Zari files for divorce, wants 75% of Ivan’s wealth. ” WHO IS ZARI AND IVAN? My friend Robert Kabushenga and my sister Barbara Kaija, you are betraying us!!!! You are not giving anything ” Gashumba posted on his facebook wall.

Goodlyfe Radio and Weasel have been successful this year after the ‘Obudde’ album launch and BET Award nominations. The BET awards will be held Sunday. Watch this space.



3 thoughts on “Gashumba Attacks Media over Radio & Weasel

  1. gashumba ur right medias suport people like chameleon how kill poeple and live those guys weasel and moze its really sad

  2. gasumba ur right the media likes chameloen how is a killer and yet we have this guyz how made uganda proud

  3. Gashumba is right. The problem with most Ugandans especially among UG artists is most of them don’t want to see other Ugandans succeed.Speaking of Radio and Weasel being nominated at the BET Awards, here is how that happened: What most people don’t know is one of my American friends, Stella, was asked by BET to suggest a Ugandan artist or group that she thought could beat the competition from other African countries. She didn’t tell anybody there because she didn’t want anyone to be nice to her because they want a BET award. She searched on YouTube for videos of Ugandan artists songs that are mostly in English. She watched tons of UG artists music videos to pick one. It had to be an English song that can be played in clubs. Most of the music is in Ugandan languages which she don’t understand or speak. But the song kuku by radio and weasel led her to search for songs from their current album. That’s how she chose Fantastic by radio and weasel. But she felt the dancers in the fantastic video were horrible dancers and that there was no need for the slow motion dancing. Radio and Weasel could have made a better video. She chose them cause of their song, fantastic. If she was looking for best video Radio and Weasel wouldn’t have been nominated cause the dancers in the fantastic video can’t dance and there was no need for literally slow motion. If I were American Stella I’d tell people she’s the reason Radio and Weasel are nominated. But American Stella is a humble soul that doesn’t like to show off and doesn’t want her name in the media.

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