Goodlyfe Denied US Visas

The goodlyfe Boys have been putting a dog smile and telling those who wanted to hear how they are beating their Mentors musically after their ‘Obudde’ launch and BET Awards nominations, but as you read this, there is a big question on their visas.

This desk has learnt that the United States recently refused to grant visas to the renowned duo of Mowzey and Weasal, owing to Iryn Namubiru’s drug saga. The Goodlyfe boys were nominated for Black Entertainment Television Awards in Los Angeles due next Sunday, June 30.

sources say that the boys are not ready to let the chance go. They claim that they are neither terrorists nor drug dealers and have vowed to camp at the Embassy in a desperate bid to obtain visas.


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    1. some one tell these ignorant fellows who are paid to keep ranting on different platforms on behalf of Bebe cool to spare us their rubbish.

  1. Guyz you have time to waste. I imagine Bebecool doesn’t even know you. So better find something better to talk abt on such foras.

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