MP Asks Government to Find Lasting Solution to Karamoja Famine

Pupils at Kamion Primary school in Ik land wait for lunch recently, Kaabong district
Pupils at Kamion Primary school in Ik land wait for lunch recently, Kaabong district

Terence Naco Achia, the Bokora county MP in Napak district has appealed to government and development partners to intervene and address the hunger crisis in Karamoja region. He says urgent intervention is needed before the hunger, which has claimed five people gets out of hand.

Achia says that during his recent visit to Nagule Angolo Village in Ngoleriet Sub County last week he found out that five people had died of starvation.  He explains that 70 percent of the sorghum gardens in the area have been burnt completely by the excessive heat adding that, the residents have placed all their hope in the remaining crop gardens. Achia asks government to allocate adequate funds for the establishment of small irrigation plants in the region.

He wonders why government has taken too long to respond to the situation in Karamoja, which he says is not new. Achia says Karamoja has experienced drought continuously for the last three years saying it should be of concern to government. He claims that some of the government interventions in Karamoja region have had very little impact.

Musa Ecweru, the State Minister for Disaster Preparedness acknowledges the hunger crisis in Karamoja. He says that government has teamed with World Food Program to distribute food to the hunger victims. He claims that by last week the World Food Program had served close to 5900 people in Napak and Kaabong districts. Ecweru blasted MPs from Karamoja region for being out of touch with activities in their area saying they issue comments on issues they are not informed about.

He asked the MPs to rally their electorate for development instead of attacking government. Ecweru also dismissed reports that five people had died in Karamoja due to starvation saying those making the claim, want to paint government negatively. He advised the people in Karamoja region to use the available food sparingly to get through this period.

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