Museveni Must Address Rampant Killings In Rakai – MP

MP Kyeyune Haruna Kasolo has demanded that President Museveni address the unsolved spate of murders in Rakai district
MP Kyeyune Haruna Kasolo has demanded that President Museveni address the unsolved spate of murders in Rakai district

Kyotera County Member of Parliament Kyeyune Haruna Kasolo has demanded a statement from President Museveni on how he is going to solve the rampant murders in Rakai district.

Kyeyune gave gave the president an ultimatum of 14 days in which he should act without which he threatened to mobilize people in Buganda Region and other MPs to demonstrate.

In a press statement, the MP notes that Rakai has been rocked by a couple of gruesome murders since the beginning of this year and that over 20 people have so far been killed in different sub counties of Rakai.

Kyeyune complains that while the assailants have continued to take innocent lives to date, the security establishment in the country has not responded with the force required.

He called for the intervention of the President as Commander in Chief to help secure Rakai as he intervened to solve the nodding disease in the north and eradication of ticks in the cattle corridor.

He demanded that the president gives special attention to the people of Rakai since it is life being lost and people are in fear of sleeping in their homes.
In what appears to be carefully planned attack, the assailants come in the night, dig holes in the buildings before entering and hacking their victims to death.

But Presidential Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi questioned if the Member of Parliament is known beyond Rakai to issue an ultimatum to the president for intervention saying that those ultimatums do not work.

Mirundi said he is aware of the killings in the region, adding that police deployed in the area and that investigations are ongoing among families of the deceased, neighbors and village people to ascertain the cause of the murders.

Mirundi further cited the president’s intervention in the rampant robberies that rocked the city in the past years when he formed “Operation Wembley”, saying that it was not MP Kyeyune who advised the president to intervene then.

Some of the murders include that on the night of January 14th, when a family of nine was murdered by unknown assailants who broke into the home of Steven Mugambe, a pastor with the local Kyebe Pentecostal Church. Mugambe, his wife Noowerina Nalunya and seven visiting relatives were killed.

Another family was killed over the Easter period at Kyabakazi village, Kagamba Sub-county.

In April, the assailants attacked and killed Edisa Tebasulwa of Kisaali Sub-county, as she went to pick food from her kitchen.

The recent murder incident was reported last week when a husband and wife were hacked to death in the middle of the night in Kinoni leaving their three young children bewildered.

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