NRM Caucus to Meet today

Justine Lumumba, the government chief whip
Justine Lumumba, the government chief whip

The National Resistance Movement caucus is scheduled to meet today morning ahead of the opening of the 3rd session of parliament.

Justine Lumumba, the government chief whip says the meeting is meant to help them to decide on members who will sit on the sectoral and seasonal committees of parliament.

She explains that membership on the committees is reviewed annually, with some members assigned additional tasks to serve on different committees. Lumumba says that in the meeting, members will also deal with the composition and leadership of the different seasonal committees of Parliament.

She ruled out the possibility of the caucus discussing the 2013-2014 Budget, which was presented by Maria Kiwanuka, the finance minister saying they may not have the time since they have to attend plenary. Lumumba however, said that during the caucus members will set time when they can discuss the Budget.

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