Parents Neglecting Disabled Children

Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Jinja enrolled for vocational training are struggling with access to scholastic materials.  There is only one government rehabilitation centre in Jinja district accredited to impart skills to PWD’s.

PWD’s enrolling to acquire vocational training skills fail because of absence of materials to practice.

Rose Babirye, an Instructor at Mpumudde Rehabilitation and Vocational training centre, says this is so because parents don’t care about PWD’s.

Zaina Byawano (22), a nursery teacher, is one of the victims of poor facilitation at Mpumudde Rehabilitation Centre. She has not received enough books, threads and clothes to sewing clothes in her sewing lessons using a machine. Through an interpreter Rose Babirye, she says her training has been prolonged for more than one year.

Abdul Lwokyaza, a parent of two disabled children at Mailo Mbili village in Jinja, says parents who neglect disabled children are ignorant of their abilities. He has never taken the children to a rehabilitation school, but they are already helping him in his small shop at home when he has go to the garden.

Mpumudde Rehabilitation Centre has a population of 49 women currently studying.

However Angella Namukose (20) from Lumuli village in Luuka district says because her parents have been supportive to her education, she is almost completing the course in tailoring.
Because of lack of enough funds to run youth programs at Jinja Destitute Home, the home gradually abandoned catering to youths who are destitutes to looking after the aging and senile.

Peter Musoke, the home warden says they are being funded by government for only senile and elderly people who are not well to do.
Hebert Baryayebwa, the Commissioner for the Disability and elderly, Ministry of Gender says the homes for different people are in Jinja are catered for by government although priority is given to government homes

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