SOMALIA: UPDF Captures 100 Al-shabaab Militants

The Ugandan contingent reports today that it has arrested more than 100 militants

More than 100 militias have been arrested by the Ugandan contingent to the African Union Mission in Somalia in renewed operations against al-shabaab militias. The operations were promoted by the renewed militia attacks against civilians. The operations were launched three weeks ago in areas of Bandadir, Lower and middle Shaablle regions.

Major Henry Obbo the Spokesperson of the Ugandan contingent says they captured more than 100 insurgents, recovered 31 firearms, 1821 live bullets and three explosive devices during the operations.
Obbo explains that the special operation is in response to fatal attacks that Al Shabaab was carrying out on civilian targets.

The AMISOM Sector one Commander Brig Michael Ondoga reiterates the force’s commitment in pacifying Somalia from the Al-shabaab militants who are considered as terrorists by the United States of America and other major powers. Ondonga says AMISOM’s responsibility is to support the Federal Government of Somalia to establish a safe and secure environment which enables the implementation of the political and economic process which is aimed at stabilizing Somalia after decades of instability.

Uganda provides the bulk of the 17,600 strong Amisom force deployed to stabilize Somalia, a country that has been without a functioning government since the fall of General Siad Barre in 1991. The other countries with troops in the war-torn horn of Africa nation include Kenya, Djibouti, Burundi and Sierra Leone. The UN Security Council resolution mandates Amisom to conduct peace enforcement operations against hostile forces, using necessary appropriate force.

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