Trader’s Strike Extended To Monday

Traders working in Kampala central have decided today in the meeting held at Uganda manufacturers Association conference Hall to extend their strike against the Pre-inspection Verification of Conformity  (PIVOC) standards fee. 

KACITA mouth piece Issa Sekitto
KACITA mouth piece Issa Sekitto

The meeting was attended by a massive number of traders and their representatives who are under Kampala City Traders’ Association (KACITA).

Everisto Kayondo, the chairman of KACITA, presided over the meeting and a number of prominent personalities were in attendance like Executive Director/Secretary to Board of Directors of Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) Gideon Badagawa, Issa Ssekitto Executive Director of KACITA and Gastas Ntake Vice Chairman of the Landlords Kampala Central.

The traders came to their resolution despite attempts by various stakeholders like the building owners association to convince them to open shop.

The call came through local tycoon Godfrey Kirumira and Kampala City Developers’ Association chairman Gasta  Ntake.

Gasta  Ntake explained that while he sympathised with the traders plight, the landlords were not ready to lose out on rent.

The traders had requested that building owners do not charge them rent for the days when the shops have been closed.

PSFU’s Badagawa similarly requested the traders to allow the organisation along with KACITA to continue negotiations with government.

Badagawa’s request that the traders give a two week extension for the talks excited booing from the traders.

It took Kayondo’s intervention and Issa Ssekitto to calm the gathered traders. Ssekitto assured the traders that as their representative to KACITA, he would ensure they have the final say on when they call off the strike and under what circumstances.

Badagawa informed the traders that a meeting has been scheduled for today with Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi to discuss the issues. He promised to report back to the traders on the outcome of the meeting on Monday.

Kayondo closed the meeting by observing that the traders will continue with the strike until they come to clear understanding with the government.

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