Traders Want Lorries thrown out

Hundreds of lorries destined to Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo are causing congestion in the town and affecting business around the lorry park.
Some of the Lorries at the park
Some of the Lorries at the park

Traders in Kigongi ward Central Division in Kabale Municipality are calling for the transfer of the lorries park from the town centre.

The traders say that the congestion caused by the movement of heavy trucks is obstructing their business. The traders complain that their customers cannot easily access their shops, bars and hotels.

Hundreds of heavy vehicles headed to Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi spend long hours in Kabale Municipality before embarking on their journey.

The number of vehicles parking in the town has increased since the beginning of this year after they were stopped by police from parking at Katuna border because of security concerns and lack of parking space.

Felix Ayebazibwe works with Oasis pub in Kigongi just next to the lorries park. He says that the way the lorries park cuts the pub off from the main road and at time their customers fail to access the business.

He says that they also have safety concerns because many fuel tankers park around their premises.

Ayebazibwe says that the lorries do not only make business at night difficult, some remain parked infront of their premises even during the day.

Medard Tukwasiibwe works with SAVIDA enterprises, a hardware shop located near the lorries park. He expresses complaints similar to Ayebazibwe.

He is especially unhappy that the lorry park management does not bother to instruct the drivers to park in an orderly manner so other people can use the road too.

He says that there is need for the municipal authorities to intervene and look for a bigger, organized and convenient place not in the middle of the town where the lorries can be parked.

Sentaro Byamugisha, the central division local council III chairperson, acknowledges receiving complaints from the traders. He argues, though, that it is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure that the vehicles park in an orderly manner to enable the business community access their businesses.

Byamugisha says the authorities are quite concerned about the security implications. He says the park yard is actually supposed to be a road and is slated for upgrade to a dual carriage.

He says that there a plans to look for a better and convenient venue where the lorries can always be parked as the number is ever increasing on a daily basis.

Habasa Alex Bujara the contractor who manages the lorries park however denies failing to ensure that the lorries are always parked in an orderly manner. He argues that it is drunk patrons of the hotels and bars who do not wish to use the designated access routes established by the park management.

Kabale district Police commander Bosco Arop told red pepper that the police is concerned about the issues raised by the business community and is in touch with the municipal authorities and the management of the park to ensure that there necessary changes occur.

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