Ugandan TV Program To Face Axe In UK Over Debts

Programe presenters from left to right, Jackie Matovu, Paris Yipan and ida Namazzi
Program presenters from left to right, Jackie Matovu, Paris Yipan and ida Namazzi

The Uganda Vision TV Program which is used to promote Ugandan Culture, Tourism and Investment opportunities in Europe faces closure.

Red Pepper Online has learnt that the Program owes huge amounts of money to Ben TV, which is the host TV. Sources privy to this pending calamity in the tourism sector reveal that the TV program has been so far used to not only promote Uganda’s tourism but to also play music videos recorded by Ugandan artistes for audiences in Europe, USA and Asia, on top of airing documentaries about the country.

Prominent  Ugandan personalities have been interviewed on the popular program. The program also airs documentaries that promote or market Uganda abroad.

The Ugandan program that reaches over a million viewers in Europe airs Tourism tapes and developmental programs about Uganda, with an aim of marketing the country to the outside world and changing the general perception of outsiders about the country.

The Hostel series that airs on the Program has also attracted lots of people that tune in to watch it on Mondays and Sundays.

However, all this is set to end soon after the management failed to remit broadcasting costs to their hosts Ben TV.

Ugandans in Austrialia, Canada and the USA can only watch the program through live streaming via while People in Europe watch it through Sky Channel 182 that reaches the entire continent of Europe. According to the the program will lunch a media partner in Uganda around mid June.



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