US Senator Condemns Govt’s violent ‘suppression of political dissent’

U.S. Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.), chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on African Affairs, issued the following statement Monday after last week’s confrontation between police and supporters of Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago in Uganda’s capital city Kampala.

US Senator Chris Coons
US Senator Chris Coons

Ugandan security forces dispersed a crowd gathered to hear Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago who was scheduled to appear before a tribunal investigating his alleged abuse of office, firing tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd and reportedly killing one.

Mayor Lukwago and former presidential aspirant and FDC strongman, Kizza Besigye, were briefly detained.

Below is Senator Coons’ statement;

“Respect for freedom of expression and political dissent is a cornerstone of a democratic society. The violent suppression of speech at Thursday’s rally in Kampala is just the most recent example in a long line of troubling behavior, silencing voices of dissent and opposition. While I recognize and value Uganda’s leadership in combatting terrorism and promoting stability in the region, I am increasingly concerned about the trajectory of Uganda’s democracy. The government of Uganda should immediately cease its assault on free expression and hold its security forces accountable to international human rights norms. The Obama Administration should also take a strong stance against this trend ahead of the President’s trip to sub-Saharan Africa later this week.”

7 thoughts on “US Senator Condemns Govt’s violent ‘suppression of political dissent’

  1. Wait for the minister’s summon to explain further your words like they did to the European Union honorable.

      1. They not only summoning they are even threatening governments and countries that could provide asylum to Snowden. Big guy has say in anything. the last threat was directed to China and Russia that if they allow him they have “serious consequences”

    1. Not only summoning them they should be even expelled from Uganda because of double standards. Chris coons should be busy advising his own government / white house on freedom of speech and expression. if you guys your following news how USA is harassing whistle-blowers. I believe your following the case of Snowden at present. USA should not be among those who should be telling others about freedom of expression because you have been exposed not only in USA but world wide. clean up your back yard before you wink at your neighbor. Shame, I am not supporting what Kampala Govt is doing but on same page i dont like USA behavior of high level hypocrisy that is draining USA back to dark ages.

  2. Just like the whole world is deeply concerned about U.S violation of human rights as exposed by Edward Snowden. Shame.

  3. Then give us your clear analysis Mr ssesanga. What does the right page say? That monitoring every device in the world as Snowden revelled (which U.S actually confirmed) is not violation of human rights? So you know better than the American citizens who poured on streets to demonstrate the abuse?

    1. Americans don’t know much Friend. You see American may just ever regret their actions sooner than later. And those pouring out, signing pardon petitions or what ever are just ignorant of the good intentions of their own program. Furthermore, it is very illogical and impractical that all the citizens privacy would be tapped unless otherwise. The NSA system simply enables them do it especially where ICT happens to be the quickest mode of communication today. NSA program is just to good for Americans. I wish we had the same in Uganda if at all we had good politics. In fact i view snowden as a traitor to his own country and people. He is the a thief who vanished with official documents not meant for public consumption. If Americans only knew what actually is happening in the world today and in the US it’s self, i believe many would desire to die the same day. They are so ignorant and claim infringement of Gov on their privacy, what a myopic thinking. The ordinary peoples’ hero snowden just made their lives and security more valunrable.
      I’m not American and many times don’t support their actions but America is surrounded by it’s enemies from inside and out.

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