Veteran Journalist Named Police Commissioner

Veteran Joachim Buwembo was last week named Commissioner of Police (CP). he will hold the title of Media Consultant.

Veteran Joachim Buwembo was last week named Commissioner of Police (CP)
Veteran Journalist  Joachim Buwembo was last week named Commissioner of Police (CP)

Buwembo has been in the highest Echelons of  newspaper publishing IN East Africa, he  worked for the New Vision as weekend Editor, Daily Monitor as Executive Editor,East African Newspaper  as Editor and was founding editor of The Citizen News paper in Tanzania. Joachim was also part of the Rebellious team at Daily monitor that founded the Now Defunct Crusader News paper, he is also a Knight Development journalism fellow and this is the Experience he takes with him to Uganda’s Police force, whose image has been shattered over the years and its professionalism questioned.

Joachim Buwembo (Centre) with other consultants during one of the projects he has done for police (Photo by Andrew Bagala)
Joachim Buwembo (Centre) with other consultants during one of the projects he has done for police (Photo by Andrew Bagala)

Buwembo, who is also an OB of Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura (St Mary’s College Kisubi) confirmed this development on a Facebook forum where he said he will be helping the force under  the program of community policing. He replaces Controversial Kenyan National Andrew Marunga whose contract police refused to extend.

This is what he posted

New Cop on the Block? After Cheeye, Allio, another journo picks up the gun? Not exactly. I just got me a short contract to set up a virtual resource centre to enable officers interact with communities and among themselves under the programme of Community Policing. Its the third contract I do for police in four years (first was diaries/calendars, then some teaching, now this resource centre which should be up and running and handed over to young officers to handle by November this year. So any tips on how to make this work are welcome.

For a good time now, Police has been heavily bashed on social media, especially Facebook and Buwembo is expected to counter this field first.

3 thoughts on “Veteran Journalist Named Police Commissioner

  1. How will he do it? If I were the respected Buwembo, I wouldnt associate myself with this fake police at this time.

    1. thumb up Buwembo, police needs u ,those who discourage u are selfish and are not for development ie not patriotic

  2. No offence but you expertise is needless. Hopefully you don’t come out rendered useless but hey get in there and scoop. You are almost on the main table. Shall we call it dining table upstairs, so tell (a journalist) them (police) how to behave when dealing with people down stairs. Oh, please don’t be compromised by people up stares. But then again may be your are worth it. I mean the compromise.

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