The Uganda People Defence Forces – UPDF has declared the General David Sejusa a deserter and a wanted man.

Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, the army spokesman confirmed this development
Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, the army spokesman confirmed this development

Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda, the UPDF spokesperson, told the media on Wednesday evening that the decision was reached after Gen. Sejusa continued to keep in hiding without any official communication to the army authority of his whereabouts.

He says the law provides that army officers should notify their superiors of their absence in office and that incase an officer stays out of office for more than 21 days without any official communication, it tantamounts to desertion.

Ankunda says Gen. Sejusa who is still a serving officer, continues to propagate inciting information something he says is against the UPDF code of conduct. He says Gen. Sejusa who is a professional lawyer knows this and that he is doing it deliberately and should therefore carry his own cross.

General David Sejjusa is now a wanted man
General David Sejjusa is now a wanted man

On Wednesday evening, Ankunda made similar comments while speaking to the BBC Focus on Africa.

The army pronouncement comes just a day after Gen. Sejusa publically announced his intention to remove President Yoweri Museveni from Power using all means.

This week, Sejusa told the BBC that President Yoweri Museveni was creating a “political monarchy” to hang on to power and manipulate the transition to favour his son, Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

The controversial army officer left the country quietly in May after making similar claims in a letter that was widely reported about in the local media. Government reacted by closing two independent media houses, the Monitor and Pepper Publications respectively.

Sejusa accused Museveni of ruling over a “corrupt and decadent system” and “playing God” to silence dissenting voices.

Gen Sejusa said Brigadier Kainerugaba represented Museveni’s national project to subvert the existing political system in order to perpetuate himself”.

He described the alleged project as “a terribly common African story.”

Government spokesman Ofwono Opondo dismissed Sejusa as a disgruntled and high-handed officer who failed to raise his concerns within the government, even though he served in the military high command and was an MP representing the army in parliament.

Opondo, who is the new executive director at the Uganda Media Centre warned Sejusa that government would “deal” with him if he resorted to unconstitutional means to oppose the government.


  1. AAAAHHA, , deserters are increasing every day, even generals have started. kwonka Ensi egi????

  2. Safe Journey Sejussa and relax well in UK . At your age taking refugee, A General for that matter? I doubt your return in anyway. Please Ugandan lets leave matters for Generals to Generals. lets not be their stepping stone to their anticipated achievements.

  3. This is too much for me, A GENERAL taking refugee? fearing to express himself in his country and travel a thousands kilometers so that he can have a say? Now that he want to be a president? of which country? where were you when Monitor journalist and friends were being beaten and harassed? what was your say when Besigye and the rest were tear gassed? what did you do? dear readers don’t trust this traitor, in fact there is no Muhoozi project but there is Sejjusa and M7 project, watch the space. How can a general run away? leave children and women in hands of who he call evil. Shame

    1. depends with how you want to play your game my friend.You can climb a tree and shout this a hundred times. It might be your way of doing it too. Let him do it the way he feels safe!!!!

  4. For sure, Ofwono Opondo cuts his coat too large sometimes. Otafiire once said: “Leave issues of the generals to the generals”… Its a pitty that Ofwono who I doubt has any knowledge of military systems can talk of “dealing with” someone. Opondo and Lt. Col Paddy are not much knowledgeable of the military system than the General. What an elder (Gen Sujjusa) sees sitting, the young (Paddy, Ofwono et al) cannot see even if they are elevated by surambaya!!

    1. No,coz he did not defended his released statement that let to the close of the monitor and red papper and prosecution of the journalists

      1. and exactly how could he do that when behind bars. what good did it do to Tumukunde. You really think they’d let Sejusa say all he’s said if he were still in Uganda. Get real man!

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