Why Sheema was not mentioned in the Budget

As the budget was being read last week,  I went ahead and got myself a copy. To my surprise I didn’t hear anything like sheema as Minister Maria Kiwanuka presented the budget to the Speaker of parliament and the Nation ,you will agree with me that, unlike other MPs from sheema who represent Constituences, Hon Rosemary Nyakikongoro represents the whole of Sheema in this Parliament and on top of that she is the Vice Chairperson-Parliamentary Gender Responsive Budgeting Champions.

The parts of the country that were named (rural electrification) Sheema District was to be included if Hon Nyakikongoro Rosemary had done what her people expected of her. People from Sheema expected much from you Hon ‘Nyaki’as you are Fondly called, but you have left them in total darkness.

Concerning health, Hon ‘Nyaki’you know the state of our Hospital in Kitagata.You told us that you lobbied for the re-construction of Masheruka-Kabwohe road, but you ask those who use it, they will tell you it’s state.

Hon ‘Nyaki’, we are now being invited to the’ Post Budget Public Dialogue’ where you are among the key speakers, what should we expect from you we people from Sheema?

We had hopes that since roads, water in Hospitals have failed, you were going to lobby for rural electrification in parliament and be included on the budget, but still no good news. If we are to develop our newly born District let us work for ‘prosperity’

The writer is a Voter from Sheema

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