Yung Mulo Accuses Chameleone of Sabotage

If there is any person who will forever have a bone to grind with Jose Chameleon, then it is his protege upcoming singer, Yung Mulo.

Info reaching this desk is that ‘Tabatusobola’ singer is crying foul after missing his first ever flight to Dubai. We have learnt that Yung Mulo is going around claiming that the self proclaimed music doctor sabotaged his travel plans to Dubai for shows last week.

According to sources, Chameleone threatened to sue the promoter who was to take Yung Mulo to Dubai on grounds the budding singer still has a 7 year contract with Leone Island, so no one should hire him with out the  Doctor’s consent.

The promoter obliged and scrapped off Yung Mulo from the list and opted for Gravity Omutujju.

10 thoughts on “Yung Mulo Accuses Chameleone of Sabotage

  1. Moral of the story:
    Do not put pen to paper without thinking, crackhead!
    You’d think they’ve all heard the Jimmy Katumba(RIP?) story.

  2. Lies, lies, lies, lies….all the way. Young Mulo could not get a visa to Dubai on grounds that the age stated on his passport is lower than the stipulated age by the Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department to grant someone an entry permit. The only exception is when they are travelling with an older person and who is related to them. Chameleone has no jurisdiction on who should be granted an entry permit to Dubai whatsoever.

    1. you dont know wat chameleone can do to frustrate these leone boys. anyone with a hit song is considered an enemy to him. and may i ask the age limit for dubai? is it 16yrs cos mulo is 26yrs

  3. Folk lore has it that a very prominent lawyer, strongly associated with a leading Theatre and TV production group in Ug, (name starts with letter K) , duped JK into signing a long term contract, the terms of which were nothing short of slavery. Guess budding artists love the look of such contracts because they alleviate early insecurities, only to realise how myopic they were when it is perhaps too late to bow out; such kind would naturally seldom have heard of a contract, exit clause or legal services.

    1. Wow, that was unfair contract for JK. Situations like that is why everyone should choose a lawyer they trust to read contracts before they sign them. Lawyers will tell you in lay man’s terms what the contract is and all the hidden agendas if there are any.

      1. Yaa, if you read nothing else on a contract, read the small print and termination/exit clause.
        Our people must engage with these concepts or fall victim to exploitation.

  4. True that, if the kid is travelling for domestic/pleasure reasons, not business. Also, if memory serves me well, there should be someone to receive the minor on the other end? Correct me if I lie.
    I take it this Mulo lad was travelling on business and I wonder how many countries on earth will allow an unaccompanied minor entry for business purposes. The debate about his true age is a whole other story, if you consider that his stifling ex-employer, Joseph Mayanja, just recently celebrated his 20-somethingth birthday!!! ??? Really??Mulo learnt from his boss that time machines really exist!!

    1. About Yung Mulo, even if its business he would have been given a Visa. I know Mulo is Ugandan. But there are lots of American artists who are underage that are given visas to perform in Dubai or any part of Saudi Arabia. The underage artists travel with one of their parents, friends or relatives that’s an adult. In Mulos case, Chameleone could have been his travel guardian.

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