Besigye Blames Parliament Over Aronda Appointment

Former Forum for Democratic Change leader Dr Kiiza Besigye is asking Ugandans to question why the now Internal Affairs Minister General Aronda Nyakairima has been appointed. Besigye has blamed parliament for allowing Aronda’s appointment.

He says the former army chief has been appointed minister to oversee the national ID project which according to him is not right.

Dr Kiiza Besigye has asked Ugandans to question Aronda's appointment
Dr Kiiza Besigye has asked Ugandans to question Aronda’s appointment

On Thursday, parliament’s Appointments committee approved former Chief of Defense Forces commander General Aronda Nyakairima’s controversial appointment as Internal Affairs Minister.

In one of the meetings called by President Museveni at State House with the appointments committee, the President explained that Aronda knew about the project of registering Ugandans and ongoing issuance of national identity cards.

The ongoing exercise being carried out by immigration officials was started by the UPDF and the former army commander’s appointment as minister is for him to complete the mission of the military registering Ugandans.

In February this year, it was reported that the Ministry of Defence had taken over the multi-billion shillings national identity card project.

On March 19, 2010, the Government contracted Muhlbauer Technology, a German firm at a cost of 230.9 billion shs to supply technology and other related services for the National Security Information System, which was being handled under the internal affairs ministry.

But by March 2012, the project had stalled due to inadequate funds after releasing only 400 IDs’ for the over 34 million Ugandans.

Dr Besigye says even though he is not opposed to national registration, the law does not give power to the military to register people.

Former Chief of Defence Forces General Aronda Nyakairima is now Minster of internal affairs
Former Chief of Defence Forces General Aronda Nyakairima is now Minster of internal affairs

He quotes the Citizens and Immigrations Control Act 2009 which does not mention anywhere that the military shall be involved but a registration board. Dr Besigye questions the legality of the military’s involvement adding that, it is why Aronda has been brought into the picture.

Yesterday Members of Parliament from the opposition walked out of the house protesting Gen. Aronda’s appointment arguing that it is against the constitution.

However the former Forum for Democratic Change Presidents says Parliament should also take the blame.

He argues that Parliament has been completely weakened which was manifested through the two occasions that the appointments committee was summoned to State House in Entebbe.

Dr Besigye says the problem is not President Museveni’s influence but the willful collusion of the political elite.

In 2005, Gen. Salim Saleh the current presidential advisor on defence , then a Lt. Gen. was one of the pioneer classes to graduate from the new Uganda Senior Command and Staff College at Kimaka in Jinja.

Following that course, he was promoted to the rank of General in the UPDF. Prior to the 2006 general elections, Saleh went back to school and obtained an A –level certificate and was later appointed Minister of State for Microfinance.

Besigye reveals that behind the scenes, President Museveni wanted to appoint him as a minister before he completed senior six.

He believes that Parliament could have said no with a firm stand as was the case with the 7th Parliament when it rejected Gen. Salim Saleh as minister before he got an A-level certificate.

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi says there is no problem with Executive influence, but Parliament needs to know that it has the independence to make decisions. However, the President can influence a decision if it’s for the good of the country.

4 thoughts on “Besigye Blames Parliament Over Aronda Appointment

  1. The president is the chief custodian of the constitution,his influence over national issues should be in that spirit but not in the spirit of negating the constitution like in Gen Aronda’s case.

  2. The President of Uganda loves to rule without the Constitution which he initiated to make.The MPs are not going to hold;d guns fighting a president who does not protect the constitution but the people who have the Power are the ones to say No to President Museveni and his options he takes to Govern Uganda.

  3. I have no problem with the president i strongly blame those who support his wrong ideas, why should they support something which every person can clearly see wrong

    Men like Vice speaker, and others they behave as if they never went to school, they are not sure of what they say, but only dig around to get something to support president whether wright or wrong.

    like those who never wanted to listen to anything just shouting we vote, we vote, vote what? do you know that you are putting our nation in problems, because NRM is majority, in appointing committee you use that advantage over other members to pass wrong decisions and you think you are doing the best for the Nation, what I know President Museveni knows very well that you are stupid i gussy when he wants to get his deal worked out, he tells Mbabazi,

    MUSEVENI ” Tukorekyi ebifire byeitu nibiza kutukorera? ”

    what can we do? do think these fools will help us get through this our mission?

    mbabazi Haaaa haaaaa, byete birye naitwe kyamushana ahasande
    tubigambire ekyokukora.
    Mbabazi ” haaaaahaaa, call them and have a meal with us on sunday
    and we tell them what to do.

    MUSEVENI Yeggo katubyete byisnje to bigambire
    Museveni Yes let us call those fools .and tell them
    what we want, ya.

    President very well know you as stupid as nothing. do not think he like u.
    and to you the truth, he just uses you to get his way out of any trouble

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