Busoga MPs Form Committee to Resolve School Strikes

Members of Parliament under the Umbrella group of Busoga Parliamentary Group have formed a four member committee as an immediate intervention into the looming strikes and riots in the secondary schools in their region.

Busoga MPS Bernard Mulengani and Paul Mwiru
Busoga MPS Bernard Mulengani and Paul Mwiru

The committee is apparently formed to play a role in the resolution of the problem.

The four members forming the committee are Lands Minister Daudi Migereko who is the chairperson, MPs Milton Muwuma who is also the Vice Chairperson of the Busoga Parliamentary Group, Naome Kaabule and Asupasa Mpongo as members.

The committee is supposed to liaise with stakeholders in the central government and the sub region to respond to the emergencies as they occur.

In addition, the Busoga Parliamentary group has also formed a five member committee as a long term solution to the strikes in the region and this comprise of MP Mutyabule Florence as Chairperson, MP Okeyo Peter as Secretary, MPs Dede Mayende, Lubogo Kenneth and Kabale Oliver as members.

This particular committee is supposed to investigate the cause of the current state of affairs in the schools and make appropriate recommendations for stamping out strikes from the schools in the sub region and uplifting the performance of the schools.

The immediate committee is currently holding a meeting with stakeholders to come up with immediate resolutions to the strike by the end of the day.

MP Stephen Baka Mugabi representing Bukooli County North and the Secretary to the Busoga parliamentary Group appealed to all stake holders in the Central government and the sub region to cooperate with the two teams.

He also appealed to the students and teachers to exercise restraint as everything is being done to address their grievances.

He noted that the Busoga parliamentary Group has 33 members of parliament and they all agreed on the committees as a solution to solve strikes in the region.

Some of the secondary schools that have been involved in strikes in the Busoga region of recent are Busoga College Mwiru, Wairaka College, St. John Bosco Wakitaka in Jinja District and Iganga secondary.

EALA MP Bernard Mulengani from the Busoga region said that the strikes are an eye opener to the leaders to make sure that they see what exactly goes on in the area schools.

He noted that the committee research will not stop at finding out the causes of the strikes but also go further to find out whether the resources sent to the schools are utilized effectively.

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