Chameleone’s Show Disrupts Cancer Fundraising Fete

Gulu district leaders were on Friday annoyed with the organizer of Jose Chameloene’s show that was held at Diana Graden Heritage.

'Dr.' Jose Chameleone
‘Dr.’ Jose Chameleone

The leaders say that the fete collided with a charity show that was held at Blue Mango Bar to raise money for children who are suffering from cancer at Lacor hospital.

Martin Ojara Mapenduzi, the Gulu LC5 boss says that they were disappointed with Chameleone because most of the people they expected to attend the fundraising drive ended up going for his show.

“Chameleone should have known that hi s wife Daniela Atim was also born from Lacor hospital and instead of joining other artistes like Rasta Bosmic Otim,who are spearheading the cause, he ended up disrupting it,”Mapenduzi explained that over 150 children are battling cancer at Lacor hospital and they cannot be treated since shs6oom is needed.

3 thoughts on “Chameleone’s Show Disrupts Cancer Fundraising Fete

  1. The issue is not chameleon .its lack of love for one another,that’s why people would rather go for entertainment than saving un healthy children.

  2. Blame your poor organizational ability; not Chameleon. The fact that people did not see the need to attend the fundraising function and went for Chameleon’s show instead is a clear indication that you did not do enough groundwork/mobilization. How about inviting people like Chameleon to perform at the fundraising function or making sure the fundraising day does not coincide with Chameleon’s show? Oh, you didn’t even think of such simple approaches; did you?

  3. One thing i know about chameleon is that he involves his service providers, so why then should they blame him? another thing, so what if Atim was born there? are there no babies born on the days he holds shows in Kampala and patients die because the doctors had gone for his show? Please, am of the view that the hospital team would have used this as a strength to invite him and probably get a contribution from him. we all know the fundraising wasn’t going to be from the crowed that went to chameleon’s show! Besides its all about the money, aint it?

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