EC Petitions Court To De-register Inactive Political Parties

The Electoral Commission (EC) has asked the High Court in Kampala to de-register ten political parties over alleged inactivity.

EC Chief Eng. Badru Kigundu
EC Chief Eng. Badru Kigundu

In its suit filed Tuesday, the electoral body contends that these political parties have not updated their profiles with their records and that they have not submitted to the commission a written declaration stating their sources of funding and other assets as required by the law.

These parties include; Action Party (registered December 15, 2004), Bridge Party (registered October 13, 2005), Progressive Alliance Party (registered April 13, 2005), Uganda Mandate Party (registered March 22, 2005), and New Order Democracy( registered October 15, 2005).

Others are; People’s Independent Party (registered April 7, 2004), Movement for Democratic Change (registered July 28, 2004), National Redemption Party (registered December 14, 2005), Movement Volunteers Mobilisers Organisation (registered March 22, 2005), and Reform Party(registered March 22, 2005).

The suit has been supported by the affidavit of EC’s Principal Election Officer Legal Department, Patrick Byakagaba; who states that these political parties have persistently refused to abide by the law, despite being frequently reminded to do so.

Byakagaba states that at one point, these political parties were invited for round table talks with the aim of forging a way forwad but did not turn up despite even putting up an advert in the print media.

Court documents show that the EC’s Secretary, Sam Rwakoojo, in his letter dated May 2, 2013 addressed to the secretary generals of the listed parties, says, the electoral body’s resolution was outlined in a strongly-worded statement but were ignored. He also castigated them for failing to hold delegates conferences to elect executive members.

Rwakoojo states that Section 9 of the Political Parties and Organisations Act, 2005, requires that every political party within 60 days after expiry of the first year, and after issuance of certificate of registration, to submit to EC, updated its records.

Subsequently, the court registrar, Tadeo Asiimwe, has asked the blacklisted political parties to file in their defense within 14 days from the date of service of summons.

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