EXCLUSIVE: FARDC, M23 Fighting Rages On

The latest wave of violence and hostilities initiated by the M23 (23 March Movement) movement north of Goma, North Kivu, in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Earlier Monday morning the fighting between Congolese army known by the French acronym, FARDC and Bertrand Bisiimwa’s M23 rebels  had the positions of the M23 rebels in North Kanyaruchinya intensely shelled by artillery coalition FDLR-FARDC stashed in facilities located near the Kanyaruchinya MONUSCO and the South with the FDLR who were in the park a little further north.

M23 fighters launched a rebellion May, forcing 800,000 from their homes
M23 fighters launched a rebellion May, forcing 800,000 from their homes

The operation according to sources close to M23 was to distract the elements of M23 so that four battalions parties FDLR Rusayo can reach the village of Kibumba located about 15 km behind the most forward positions of the M23 on the Goma-Rutshuru.

From daybreak, heavy artillery FARDC joined the march of infantry to the positions of the M23 elements were taken into account to fully wipe the wet nature of the bombing with intense fighting continuing for nearly for 5 hours in a row, predominately in the national park behind the Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira

These two ground attacks were assisted aerial attacks from 8am conducted by three helicopters government fight a rebel source disclosed.

Bisiimwa according to our sources went ahead on Monday to write to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon seeking intervation for  what he said the crimes committed by FARDC included extreme torture of individuals falsely presented as prisoners of war, including maiming, beating to death and deliberate starving; desecration through the most despicable acts; arbitrary arrests, detention based on ethnicity and public incitation to ethnic hatred.

Others, according to the M23 leader, include use of human shields within ostensible war zones where no civilian should be allowed to stay and forced conscription of unemployed, desperate and drug addicts plus children.

The M23 waged war against President Joseph Kabila’s government in April 2012, accusing him of rigging the presidential elections, discrimination and human rights abuses in the army.

The rebels later captured the Provincial town of Goma before pulling out in response to international condemnation and persuasion by regional leaders under their umbrella organization, ICGLR.

The peace talks which opened in Kampala to find a political and homegrown solution to the conflicts in the Eastern part of the country hit a dead end after the DRC representatives flew back to Kinshasha.




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