FDC’s Alaso Rules Out Fresh Presidential Elections

Alice Alaso, the FDC secretary general says the party will not hold fresh presidential polls at the whims and wishes of anybody. This comes a few days after National Executive Committee of FDC met on Friday last week and failed to resolve the issue of Muntu’s term. 

FDC Sec Gen. Alice Alaso
FDC Sec Gen. Alice Alaso says the party will not hold fresh elections citing advice from the party lawyer

Alaso claims that they received legal advice from Wandera Ogaalo, the FDC lawyer indicating that General Mugisha Muntu, the incumbent party president was elected for five years. Muntu was elected FDC president in 2011 after Kizza Besigye, the former FDC leader stepped down two years to the end of his term.

The Truth and Reconciliation commission that inquired into the FDC elections recently recommended fresh presidential election following the malpractice that marred the 2011 elections.

Maj Rubaramira Ruranga, a member of the Nathan Nandala Mafabi campaign task force also petitioned Sam Njuba, the FDC national chairperson to address Muntu’s tenure in office. Last week, the FDC NEC meeting decided to postpone the announcement to the 16th of August. Now, Alaso says that they are just waiting for the date to inform the petitioners about the legal opinion from the party legal counsel.

Alaso also questions on what basis any organ of the party decided to repeat the election and vows that they shall not organize it. According to her majority of the interim national executive committee members holds the same view.

The tough speaking secretary general says their constitution is clear any party Presidency has a five year term limit and that is not going to change.

Article 27 of the FDC constitution states that the term of office of the President and Deputy Presidents shall be 5 years. It adds that the President shall be eligible to re-election but subject to a two term limit. But Major Rubaramira, the lead petitioner says Alaso is just being dishonest and is seeking for ways to extend her tenure. He argues that it is the Muntu team that appointed the truth and reconciliation committee and they cannot defy its recommendations.

He adds that the Forum that the party has been using to resolve the matter is wrong and they should have stuck to the forum that sat on the 24th of November 2011 after the elections to establish whether the recommendations by the commission of inquiry are applicable or not. Rubaramira states that the party cannot have a president who does not hold a delegates conference and vows to challenge the decision in Court.

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