FIFA Warns of Possible Sanctions

The World Football government body FIFA has warned of sanctions against Uganda should government interfere in the management of football affairs.

In a July 19th letter, Jerome Valcke, the FIFA secretary general says any actions taken unilaterally against the structures and or the status of FUFA would be considered as interference and would attract a suspension. Valcke was responding to a letter written by Jessica Alupo, the minister of Education and sports last week in which, she declared FUFA- the local football governing body illegal.

FIFA General Secretary Jerome Valcke warns that any actions unilaterally taken against FUFA structures amount to interference and would attract suspension

Alupo explains that it had been clarified to her that FUFA, whose affiliation to FIFA in 1959 was supported by the Uganda government, has since 2009 operated as FUFA Ltd, a private company Ltd by guarantee which is inconsistent with the law.

However, Valcke reminds that the minister that all FIFA member associations have to manage their affairs independently and without influence of any third parties as clearly stipulated in articles 13 and 17 of the FIFA Statutes.

He explains that the legal status of FUFA was a subject of debate in 2012 when FUFA informed FIFA that according to the local laws, the national football body had to be registered as an association but also as a limited company if such a body had to own property.

He said the National Council of Sports (NCS), the national sports regulator explicitly confirmed that they had no qualms nor reservations whatsoever on the status of FUFA Ltd.

Minister of Education and Sports Jessica Alupo wrote to the world football body says the Mulindwa-led FUFA is illegal
Minister of Education and Sports Jessica Alupo wrote to the world football body saying the Mulindwa-led FUFA is illegal

Valcke says should government consider that FUFA still needs to undergo legal changes, FIFA would appreciate the provision of clear guidelines on how the FA should proceed. He however, warns that such changes should not affect the constitutional structure of FUFA. He said the Federation went through various changes with the adoption of a new constitution in August 2012 which is now in line with the FIFA standard statutes.

The Minister could not be got for comment as her phone was switched off. Edgar Watson, the FUFA Chief Executive, only said the matter will be resolved.

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  1. Alupo should not risk a ban for uganda. pple fighting mulindwa have never even owned a village team, and one who has been in express has been thrown out like a pack of playing cards cards.
    with mulindwa football went home

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