Former VP Adrisi Ailing In Mulago Hospital

Former Vice President, Retired General Mustafa Adrisi remains in critical condition at Mulago National Referral hospital where he has been since last Sunday.

Doctors treating him say General Adrisi Abataki, Idi Amin’s Vice President between 1977 and 1978 is steadily improving.

Former Vice President Adrisi is  hospitalized in Mulago Hospital
Former Vice President Adrisi is hospitalized in Mulago Hospital

General Mustafa Ediris was rushed to Mulago last Sunday following what his family members described as a serious diabetes and hypertension attack.

Dr. Eric Kigangali , one of the doctors attending to Musatfa at Mulago hospital’s VIP ward, in interview said he has sometimes been unconscious.

General Mustafa now 82 has been battling diabetes and hypertension for some time. In February 2008 he was taken in critical condition at Mulago hospital but he later recovered.

Uganda Media Centre Executive Director, Ofwono Opondo said he was not aware that Adrisi was in hospital. But close family members say the government is footing the medical bills at Mulago and in other hospitals where he has been treated.

Moses Edirisi, one of the sons in an interview, said the government had not neglected Mustafa. He said the ailing General is still receiving entitlements as a former Vice President.

Retired Captain Abubakar Kenyi said President Museveni sent a UPDF chopper to pick Adrisi from his home in Arua when he fell sick in 2008. However another family member who asked for anonymity said Mustafa’s family is about to be thrown out of a rented house in Nalya Kampala.

President Museveni according to the source had promised to pay Adrisi’s rent in Kampala and buy him a house.

President Museveni reportedly met MustafaAdrisi sometime in 2010 begun paying the rent for one year. But no further payments have been made. Mustafa’s unpaid rent bill has since shot to about twenty million shillings.

Mustafa Adiris, while still Vice President in 1978, was injured in a suspicious road accident along Kampala Jinja-Highway. The accident reportedly led to a mutiny by troops loyal to him. The late President Idi Amin in return deployed troops to quell the mutineers that were fleeing towards the Uganda- Tanzania boarder. The incident reportedly sparked off the Uganda-Tanzania war in1979

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