Govt Must Find Money For Starving Population – MPs

Members of Parliament from North and North Eastern Uganda have asked government to immediately find money for the starving population.

Mike Mukula, the ruling NRM party’s Deputy Chairman in charge of Eastern Uganda says government must find money to help the over 530,000 Ugandans who are at risk of starvation in 60 districts. Mukula notes that over 70 percent of the population depends on agriculture and 70 percent of the national income also depends on peasant agriculture.

The MPs in a closed door meeting argued that if government response to agriculture is low it means there is going to be hyperinflation due to food insecurity. The most affected areas according to the ministry of Relief, Disaster preparedness and refugees include parts of Teso, Lango, Acholi, West Nile, Elgon, Busoga and Central, Bunyoro, South Western and Rwenzori that experienced hailstorms leading to crop failure.

Mike Mukula, NRM's Chairperson (Eastern region)
Mike Mukula, NRM’s Chairperson (Eastern region) says Govt must find money to help the starving population

On Tuesday, the MPs from the North and North Eastern region will table a motion through the ministry of Agriculture to compel government to pass an emergency fund to handle the situation.

Mukula says due to the long dry spell and high temperatures, other parts of the country will suffer especially those prone to floods. The MPs are convinced government has the money and what has been done so far is not adequate.

Last week Hilary Onek the Minister for Relief, disaster preparedness and refugees announced that together with development partners, they are targeting only about 1,500 people in famine hit Karamoja region. These will be given food; seed and machine implement support at the same time government is encouraging those affected by food shortage to use the available food stuffs sparingly.

Relief Preparedness and Refugees  Minister Hilary Onek
Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees Minister Hilary Onek says government is at the moment targeting 1,500 people in Karamoja region

The current food shortage in the affected areas is projected to persist through August, September and October before it eases in November when the next harvest is expected.

The situation is being blamed on the abnormal heavy rains that caused floods, water logging and destruction of crops. Thereafter there was a severe and prolonged drought that scorched the remaining crops between late May and July 2013.

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  1. use the knowledge and grow food in Karamoja. Tap rain water and collect it and use it for irigation. Please Maama muhozi request Isrealites to come and help you in karamoja about how to grow food in arid places. but don’t steal the money meant for Karamoja.

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