Gulu Sports Officer Under Fire Over Indiscipline

Pece Stadium the Scene of recent clashes
Pece Stadium the Scene of recent clashes

Aldo Otto, the Gulu District Sports Officer is on the spot for alleged mismanagement of sports and corruption. Otto is particularly accused by secondary school head teachers in the district of failing to carry out a screening of players in the past five years. Districts carryout screening exercise to ensure only bonafide students participate in district sports galas. During a meeting held at Gulu district council hall late recently, several teachers accused Otto of contributing to the indiscipline that has characterized sporting activities in the district.

Tom Otim, the Headmaster of Layibi College says the sports officer is to blame for the high indiscipline that has wrecked sports activities in the district.  He alleges that some schools, which hire mercenaries to participate in the district athletics and football championships pay bribes to the district officials. But Otto says his office has been trying to stem indiscipline by forming disciplinary committees led by teachers. He accuses schools like Layibi College of fronting ‘mercenaries’ to participate in sports championships.

Otto also rejects demands by head teachers that they take over the management of sports in the district to check on indiscipline that is now a common occurrence during sports activities in Gulu district.

The recent coca cola post primary school competitions in Gulu was characterized by acts of indiscipline and as participants fought on both the pitch and outside the stadium. The head teachers are now proposing a two year ban on any school implicated in acts of indiscipline during the district sports galas.

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