KCCA TRIBUNAL: Lukwago Stings Tumwebaze, Musisi

Erias Lukwago, the Kampala Lord Mayor has dismissed the allegations cited in the censure motion by some councilors against him saying they are malicious, unfounded and intended to malign him.

On 15th May 2013, 17 of the 30 KCCA councilors presented a censure motion against Lukwago citing incompetence, abuse of office and misconduct. As a result, Frank Tumwebaze, the Minister in charge of Kampala appointed a tribunal chaired by Justice Catherine Bamugemerire to hear the petition. The tribunal listened from the petitioners, and invited Lukwago to present his defense.
KCCA Director Jennifer Musisi

KCCA Director Jennifer Musisi

This morning Lukwago presented a 3000 page defense, in which he denies all the accusations against him. He said the authority for which he is being accused of failing to lead is not fully constituted. Four representatives of professional bodies are yet to be elected to make the required 34 councilors.

Lukwago blamed Frank Tumwebaze, the Minister in charge of Kampala for frustrating efforts to fully constitute the authority. He also said KCCA is faced by ‘industrial inertia’, which has rendered the core organs of the authority useless.

They include the Kampala metropolitan physical planning authority which is mandated to plan for the development of the city and Public Accounts Committee.

Kampala City Mayor Erias Lukwago
Kampala City Mayor Erias Lukwago blamed Kampala minister Frank Tumwebaze for frustrating the authority

According to the evidence tendered before the tribunal, the former minister for Kampala Muruli Mukasa sent Lukwago a list of names of members for appointment to the Kampala metropolitan physical planning authority for approval in a letter dated 10th April 2012, which he endorsed. However, Muruli was transferred from the authority before the members could assume office. To date, Tumwebaze has not appointed the members.

The other organ he says has been crippled is the public accounts committee of the authority. A January 21st 2012 letter from the Lord Mayor shows that five people were nominated for appointment to the Public Accounts Committee. They include Albert Oduman Okello, Maria Sentamu, Kalumba Kassim and Nannono Safina among others. However, their appointment is pending a ministerial approval, a year since they were selected.

When tasked to explain why he used privileged authority information to tarnish the name of the Executive director in the press, Lukwago said he was accountable to the public and that all documents that are delivered to his office are put in public trust.

He emphasized that the audit query for which he was accused of using was delivered to him by a whistle-blower and not the executive director as had been stated by Jennifer Musisi.

However, information provided to the tribunal by Jennifer Musisi shows the document was provided to the Lord Mayor on 16th February 2012 nearly a month after. The tribunal continues investigations into the allegations made by the 17 councilors at Metropole hotel and is expected to provide a report to the Minister of Kampala Frank Tumwebaze by 5th August.

15 thoughts on “KCCA TRIBUNAL: Lukwago Stings Tumwebaze, Musisi

  1. If the Lord Mayor has a 3000 page defense as he now presents, why was he avoiding the tribunal?

    1. Let me hope you are above the puberty level, the lord mayor wanted the minister to follow the law, what you do not know is that, there is an invisible hand in setting up that committee. Wait your turn in life, that’s when you will wipe off the dust from your brain

      1. Nelson, your response has been helpful. I have had enough turns in life having been around for quite sometime. May be the dust on my brain has settled for life!!!!!

    2. Bakubye its called poltics. He was playing them so that they can prove his agenda its so sad. That they fell for the trap there is a reason to why. AG distanced him self from Tumwebaze. For now he looks like a fool.

    3. You are the most naive and ignorant Ugandan alive, cant you just see that he was buying time to prepare his defense. Did you even go to school? Note: he is a lawyer!!!

      1. No, of course, I skipped school but got educated. That is why I can pose provocative questions. Thanks.

        1. No offence to you Bakubye but you probably need to snap out of pose mode otherwise you can’t pose a question like what is smelling when you and everyone are looking at a rubber tyre burning. Ok, may be you have a severe flu or no sense of smell by nature. But how about a sense of imagination. Please don’t tell me you are color blind because that is no excuse? Otherwise to know that when a rubber tyre burns definitely what you are smell must be a rubber tyre burning including the one you are looking at!!! All said you probably have never seen a rubber tyre burning. Never mind smelt one. You are forgiven. Really and truly.

      2. Please try to be friendly when reply to some contributors – it cost us nothing but a proof of our civility as this online paper is read by many non-Ugandans too. Remember we are in the month of Rhamandan. Cheers.

  2. Thanks teacher. Although I suspect that he still paid the lawyers that represented him in challenging the tribunal. But your point is made.

    1. Yes Mr.Bakubye a doctor cannot treat himself hence a lawyer cannot present himself ………Era bakukubye

  3. Musisi is also a lawyer therefore they are a marriage made in heaven. As for Tumwebaze, I think he is a teacher and therefore better off as an RDC than a minister.

    1. Musisi may be a lawyer but she is not the kind of lawyer Lukwago is!! Lukwago has a number of constitutional judgements to his name made by usually very pro NRM judges. Musisi was more of a boardroom kind of lawyer settling tax disputes at URA. This game is above her head.

  4. No wonder Bakubye your name alone imples alot to all educated people .In fact u are an equivalent of the movement MPs (Oliwamugendo okutusa lwolifuka kassa.) u are like a sign post bent but stating that in the dirrection of its arrow are the pannel bitting specialist.

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