M7: No Pay Rise for Teachers

President Yoweri Museveni has refused to bow to pressure from Uganda National Teacher’s Union-UNATU to effect a 20 percent pay rise for teachers.

Last month, Uganda National Teacher’s Union-UNATU issued a 90 day’s ultimatum to government to effect the salary increment or else teachers lay down their tools. The threat follows the failure by government to honor a pledge to increase the teachers pay rise this financial year. Red Pepper Online has learnt that president Yoweri Museveni is not about to yield to the threats by teachers.

President Yoweri Museveni
President Yoweri Museveni called on members to be united behind the focus  o grow the economy through infrustructure

Sources that attended the NRM caucus on Monday quote Museveni saying that he is not a populist to be blackmailed by teachers to give them a pay rise. He alleged told the NRM MPs that following donor aid cuts it was hard for government to allocate the 20 percent on teacher’s salaries as government had committed himself earlier.

Museveni reportedly argued that he does not know of any country in the world that has developed because of consumption. He told the MPs that unless he is told which electricity line or roads he should suspend there is no way he can get money to pay teachers.

According to the source, Museveni said the teachers’ strike wouldn’t divert him from concentrating on infrastructure development, which he emphasized is a priority. Museveni reportedly informed the MPs that it was important for government to prioritize saying that it is what the economy needs now in order to take off.

MP David Bahati
MP David Bahati said that the caucus discussed the teachers’ salary

He said civil servants would be considered later once things improve. David Bahati, the Deputy NRM chief whip has confirmed that they indeed discussed the teacher’s salary increase demands. He says that the caucus directed Museveni to meet with the executive of Uganda National teacher Union to discuss and harmonize the pending issue of the 20% increment in this Financial Year of 2013-2014.

Bahati says that the caucus decided to support the welfare of Civil Servants by injecting 5 billion shillings in the teacher’s SACCO this financial year and another 5 billion shillings for the next four years, which amount to 25 billion shillings. He says the caucus also directed the Finance and Public Service Ministries to clear the pending salary arrears for teachers.

Margaret Rwabushaija the Chairperson of the Teachers Union
Margaret Rwabushaija the Chairperson of the Teachers Union

President Yoweri Museveni called upon members to remain united behind the focus to grow the economy through infrastructure development. He explained that whereas development of infrastructure like roads, electricity, railway and water-ways were mainly one-offs, infrastructure was essential to industrial growth as it lowers costs of business and production.

7 thoughts on “M7: No Pay Rise for Teachers

  1. you will have roads with no people to use them. better be careful Mr. President. The education system in Uganda emphasizes ” consumption” nothing else.

    People believe having all the infrastructure in place is a right and not a previlage and at the same time they have other personal problems that require money to be solved. I think they are looking at the latter

  2. Civil servants have waited for the last 27 years!!! Teachers should not be sacrificed because of the corruption in OPM that led to the halt of donor funds and yet, majority of the thieves in that office are enjoying their root without any hitch. People have started seeing through Museveni’s lies, before he was saying Uganda was able to foot its bill without the strings attached meager donor money and now he is using another tongue all together. Push on teachers, we are behind you!!!

  3. In 1980 Musevine had no future. He tried to shape one but has failed. The question is is it too late now? Who will he use to get? What will he do to get? How will he use? and Where will he get that chance?

  4. The president has a good vision of Uganda. He has more of an investment mind than a consumption one. Let us give him time to concentrate on infrastructure development and the public servant salaries will come later. It is a painful decision, but it will reap results which will include increased pay for public and private servants in the long run

    1. When you get rich like you are, and you have no heart for the poor, you better reserve your comment. At happy hours primary school you must be earning far better than a teacher and you can ably wait for the presidents vision.

  5. Teachers are mere consumers and deserve no pay rise!
    We know that the president’s vision is an industrial economy, but he only forgets that he has not yet seen one without teachers. And much as its common knowledge that development comes with a cost, it is not so human to sacrifice the poor teachers to shoulder the burden especially when there are other departments that have surpluses to swindle. The presidents vision shouldn’t leave the teachers out. ‘while western countries refer to the third world as useless consumers, the teacher in the presidents words are the useless consumers of Uganda.’ I pray for you dear teachers. when another wave of liberation comes we wont be left out.

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