Misunderstandings Sever Luweero, Kampala University Ties

The future of more than 2000 students of Luweero University hangs in balance following a decision by the directors to break ties with Kampala University.

The decision follows a row between the directors of Luweero University and Professor Badru Katerega, the Vice Chancellor Kampala University. The idea to start the university was initiated by Abdul Nadduli together with Michael Lukwago, Dick Kaweesa, Paul Kikonyoggo and Nasur Bachu in 2001 at Nakyewa village in Katikamu Sub County.

Luweero District
Abdul Nadduli is the brains behind Luweero University

Luweero University was established in 2006 and got affiliated to Kampala University in 2008 after the former run out of funds.  However, the board of Directors Luweero University led by Abdul Nadduli,the Luweero LC 5 chairperson accuses Professor Badru Katerega of fraud, usurping powers of administrators, disrespect and failure to honor their memorandum of understanding.

Abdul Nadduli says effective today all students who apply will be registered under Luweero University as an independent institution without any affiliation to Kampala University.

He explains that continuing students and lecturers will also be ordered to either re-apply with Luweero University or join other campuses that are under Kampala University.

Nadduli says that the board of directors resolved to terminate their memorandum of understanding with Professor Kateregga after he failed to pay their benefits as directors amounting to 240 million shillings since they entered into the agreement five years ago. He also accuses him of threatening violence against directors and expelling students under unclear circumstances.

Nadduli says that they are willing to compensate Professor Kateregga all the investments he had put in place at the campus and start to develop Luweero University as independent institution. He says they have petitioned Jessica Alupo, the Minister of Sports and Education to grant them a charter. Alupo has already directed the National Council for Higher Education to look into the matter.

However, a section of students who spoke to URN on condition of anonymity say they are shocked with the development. Many of them have vowed not to reapply saying Luweero University is not known, which may affect their career.

They have also appealed to Nadduli and Kateregga to iron out their differences for the good of the institution.

Sam Sserunjogi, the LC 3 chairperson Katikamu sub county and a parent says Nadduli lacks resources and skills to manage the university which may lead to its complete downfall. He argues that Professor Kateregga had extended power, built roads and other basic services saying it will be unfair to kick him out.

He appeals to the conflicting parties to solve their differences amicably for the so the smooth operations of the institution and development of the district.

Efforts by our reporter to speak to Professor Badru Kateregga were futile as mobile phone was switched by time of filling this story.  But in an earlier interview with local media, Professor Kateregga said Luweero University collapsed and everything at Luweero Campus was taken over by Kampala University. He also denied claims that they had a memorandum of understanding with the directors of Luweero University and vowed to challenge any decisions taken by the Nadduli board in court.

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  1. Why are we gambling the future of students and smoking away the sweat of parents and benefactors sponsoring the students? In which part of the world would the likes of Nadduli be allowed to open and run a university? What does he know about running an academic institution or any institution of higher learning for that matter? I would not even vote Nadduli on the board of a glorified secondary school. The other colleagues bundling up with him might be known in the business world but a university is different from an import and export venture. I know Prof Kateregga to be a sober minded man. I wonder what got the worse part of him when he chose to partner with Nadduli. Govt should stop this clownism and gambling in Uganda’s higher education. Just close the damn thing they are calling a university. period.

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