Nakumatt Given Ultimatum

This desk revealed last month that songwriter cum singer, Nince Henry had dragged City shopping mall Nakumatt to court over copyright infringement when he discovered that it was selling his yet to be released music album.

Nince Henry
Nince Henry

Following this, the ‘Kaberebere’ singer filed a lawsuit against Nakumatt at the Commercial court and was even permitted to confiscate some of the items that were involved in selling the album including TV sets and home theater systems.

Nakumatt management was served by Nince Henry’s lawyers and given ten days to respond,however,the ten days elapsed before it had done so.Rumour has it that the shopping mall’s top management has agreed to settle the case outside court.

Close pals to Nince Henry reveal that he wants to be compensated for infringing on his copyright although we are yet to establish exactly how much he has asked for.

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